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Retalls de premsa europea: Barroso i el dret a decidir

dimecres, 18/12/2013

Brussels, 20 September 2012

President Barroso answers citizens’ questions on the State of the Union – LIVE Euronews “I talk”/ Google+ Hangout

Interviewer: …there’s going to be a lot of nation-states soon, I mean you know that last week, one and a half million people in Catalonia went on the streets saying we want an independent country.

David is here from Scotland, Scotland is very likely going to have a referendum and may be independent from Great Britain. You’re going to have more and more of these nation states.

José Manuel Barroso: Certainly you don’t want me now to interfere in those discussions in Britain or in Spain. No, it’s for them to decide. What I want to say for the nation states that exist, we should have a federation, and now I very much respect the democracies in our countries and it’s up to them to decide how they organise themselves.