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Transcending the Dualistic Mind

dimarts , 27/03/2018

John Mack is certainly not the first noted psychologist to investigate reported experiences with aliens. Carl Jung’s monograph “Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies” reported on his analysis of the “voluminous dossier” he began accumulating in 1946 .

(“John Mack’s Abductees” by Stephen Rae, New York Times).


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Dr John Mack did not believe that alien abductions were simply hoaxes, delusions and hallucinations. Based on his work counselling abductees, Mack arrived at the astounding conclusion that this was a phenomenon which was ‘real’, but which didn’t so much have its basis in the physical universe as Henry Corbin’s “imaginal realms“, accessible only through a widening of conscious perception. This hypothesis is in stark opposition to the current scientific paradigm, which is based on the mechanistic assumption that consciousness is a by-product of a physical brain.