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On the Soul (De Anima)

dilluns, 7/05/2018

Robert Lawrence Kuhn from Closer to the Truth interviews eminent philosopher Eleonore Stump from St. Louis University.

Stump speculates about a natural dualism that is not an extreme Cartesian dualism – one that depends on a metaphysical mental substance – but one that is an emergent property at the system level. She argues that Aquinas’ dualism, which takes the soul to be the form of the body, can accept the characterization of the mental as correlated with the physical because the mind is implemented in configurations of the physical.

Eleonore Stump is the author of many books within the philosophy of religion, medieval philosophy, and the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas; particularly those being Wanderingin Darkness (2012), Aquinas (2005), Reasoned Faith (1993), and many others.