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Mary Oscarson & David Jones

divendres, 11/05/2018

Mary Oscarson has had it with disbelievers. As a senior at the University of Connecticut in 1981, she quickly stopped mentioning the small gray creatures that appeared at her bedside after her first few friends looked at her “like I had two heads.

“If it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t have believed it either,” says Oscarson, a Rhode Island data management specialist who remembers many encounters over 13 years.

At times, terrified at being alone, Oscarson says she has invited various friends to stay overnight on separate occasions. Four of them, she claims, heard loud noises, saw bright lights and experienced paralysis before waking with scratches on their bodies. “I felt like I’d been beaten,” says one friend.

Oscarson has also recorded bizarre sounds she has heard during the night. “When there was no one around, I’ve gotten voices that are not human,” she says. “In one case, you can clearly hear three words: ‘Don’t wake up.’ ” Then there is the cystlike bump on her arm that tingles just before she has an encounter and the puncture marks that she sometimes finds on her body when she wakes up. “You can’t cause those kinds of marks by bumping into things in your sleep,” says Mary, who turned to Mack in November 1992 after reading about his work. “I contacted him out of desperation,” she says. “I was having so many experiences. I just wanted someone to listen to me.”