Nou Paradigma (2/8)


– [Terje] The pilot, Kenneth Arnold, had already in 1947
introduced the name flying saucers,
when he claimed to have come upon a formation
of nine unusual saucer-like objects near Mt. Rainier
in the state of Washington in June that year.
Before this, pilots of World War II bombers had named them Foo Fighters.
These smaller disks were frequently seen as rapid lights crossing over German, Japanese,
and Allied territories,
sometimes right next to the aircraft,
as if monitoring their operations.
A recent release from the British UFO files
show that Prime Minister Winston Churchill
was very concerned about the UFO issue and ordered reported sightings to be kept secret
for at least 50 years to prevent mass panic.
He was also afraid it would shatter people’s religious beliefs.

On the night of February 24th, 1942, only three months after the attack on Pearl Harbor,
several unidentified objects were picked up
on radar over the city of Los Angeles.
It was believed to be another Japanese attack
and resulted in an intense searchlight activity
and heavy artillery fire.

(rapid explosions blasting)
– [Radio Newscaster]
Anti-aircraft guns according to (mumbles) unidentified aircraft
in the Los Angeles area.

– [Terje] But the presumed enemy never fought back
and suddenly the objects disappeared without trace.

(slow piano music)
During the 50s, flying saucers were reported repeatedly,
also by civil and military pilots.

– And I could see that it was a black lenticular form,
some silhouette with these blinking lights all over the surface.
And it was at least twice the size of a 747, like two Boeing 747 airliners nose to tail.
And it’s between me and Indianapolis,
so I rolled around and tried to get on its tail,
behind it, and it turned about 30 degree angles
to the north and headedstraight for Chicago
and then went over the horizon like (imitates whooshing)
like that and disappeared.
There’s no airplane can go that fast.

– And over the entrance to Hickham,
to Pearl Harbor area, the entrance there,
was either nine, I said nine disks originally,
so I’m gonna keep it that way, with nine disks.
White, perfectly white, and they were doing all kind of different formations.
A V, opposite L, reversed L, different types.
We watched them for about 15 minutes.
Until finally, (imitates zooming) they’re off.
It’s gone.

– In 1952 orders were issued
to military pilots in the United States,
shoot them down, flying saucers,
if they don’t land when instructed to do so.
I have the newspaper articles proving that.
Matter of fact, the head of the American Rocket Society
wrote a letter to President Truman saying he didn’t think that was a good idea.
Not a good way to welcome anybody coming here. (chuckling)

– [Terje] The American jet fighter pilot, Milton Torres, stationed
at the Manson RAF base in Britain, was on May 20th, 1957
ordered to go after and shoot down a large UFO,
spotted on radar hovering over Ipswich.
This enormous object, the size of an aircraft carrier,
disappeared into the sky at the very instant he was to launch his rockets.

– I was thinking that if I fired this thing that he may vaporize me.
I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was not of this Earth.
It was not a man-made object.
This was something that was, they could stop,
they could absolutely stand still,
and they could go Mach 10 or more at any time.
And a human being would be splashed up against the side wall from the forces,
just the momentum forces.
That would destroy you.
So it was nothing that we humans know anything about.

– But many, many pilots in military planes,
who were ordered to go after and shoot down disks,
they either disappeared or their planes crashed.
This is another underbelly of this whole phenomenon.
And before he died, Len Stringfield,
who was the very first on the planet,
who had the courage to start publicly reporting
that not only were there beautiful lights in the sky
that moved in erratic patterns,
but they were clearly involved with crash retrieval stories
that were coming to him
from military people who would not go on the record.
That we were retrieving bodies, we were retrieving technology.
And Len Stringfield said, “Linda, I know first hand
“that our government had a standing policy
“to take these disks down out of the sky
“until we had lost so many pilots
that “that order was rescinded around 1953 to 54.”

(eerie horn music)
– Books were now appearing on UFOs,
with pictures of saucers and cigar shaped craft on close range.
Even with people claiming to have met the visitors in person.

And soon the entertainment industry also joined the saucer wave.
This somehow influenced on the image of the UFO issue,
giving skeptics further reason for ridicule of the phenomenon.
On July 1947, a major incident occurred near Roswell, New Mexico,
the place where the U.S. manufacturer stored its newly developed nuclear weapons.
A flying saucer is reported to have crashed.

– [Newscaster] The Army Air Forces has announced that a flying disk
has been found and is now in the possession of the Army.
Army officers say the missile, found sometime last week,
has been inspected at Roswell, New Mexico
and sent to Wright Field, Ohio for further inspection.

– The incident is revealed in the local newspaper,
but withdrawn the day after.
Weather balloons is the official explanation.
Today several military and civil eyewitness testimonials have surfaced concerning both the crash itself and the crash retrieval operations,
indicating that it most probably was a vehicle of unknown origin.

Apollo astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell,
who was the sixth man to walk on the moon,
and also grew up as a Roswell resident, has recently gone public with his view on this controversial incident.

– I grew up in Roswell, New Mexico,
which was the site of presumed alien crash in 1947.
And which, from what I call the testimony of the old-timers who were there, and who had been hushed up by government authority,
military authority, almost on pain of death at the time,
and who had harbored their knowledge quietly for years.
When I came back from the moon, and I was a local boy,
they considered me safe enough to tell their story to,
of that they were a part of the recovery effort and the observer of the so-called Roswell crash.
And that they knew for sure that it was an alien craft
and subsequent sightings,
subsequent evidences reaffirmed all of that, that we are being visited
and have been visited by alien spacecraft and alien beings and our
governments around the world have covered it up.

(eerie horn music)
– In response to this escalating UFO activity and public awareness,
in September, two months after the Roswell crash, Project Grudge,
later named Project Blue Book was established by the U.S. Air Force
as an official investigative body in UFO cases.
The project collected civil and military reports
and carried out an analysis of them.
In 1969, after 22 years, the project was closed,
without reaching official conclusion.
And that ended, to this day, the official comments from the U.S. government
on the UFO issue.
But the UFO sightings didn’t end.

Going back to 1963, a command sergeant major in the U.S. Army
was assigned to the supreme headquarters of Allied powers in Europe
in Paris, France, and was given the highest top-secret clearance.
The story revealed to him there puts the phenomenon into a whole new perspective.

– And when I arrived in the summer of 1963,
my clearance was upgraded to cosmic top-secret,
which was then and still is today the highest level of classification in NATO.
And when I arrived in the summer of 63, I learned of a study
that was underway, that had been initiated in 1961.
Apparently an event had occurred on the morning of 2nd February in 1961 that almost triggered World War III.
A large number of circular metallic disks flying in formation,
flew out of the Soviet sector, over the, Allied sector and a divided Germany,
flew off to the west.
They turned north, over the channel, over the English channel,
over the southern coast of England,
and then they turned north and disappeared off of NATO radar
over the Norwegian sea, off the coast of Norway.
Well this incident almost triggered World War III
because the Soviets, we found out, thought those objects belonged to us.
And for a time, we thought they might belong to the Soviets.
We were to find out that they didn’t belong to either of us,
the Soviets or us.
It was a real story here.
And they initiated a study in 61 to determine
what in the world is happening here.
They concluded, after this three year study, that the planet Earth
and the human race apparently had been under some kind of
survey or observation for hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years,
by several extraterrestrial advanced intelligences.
Now that literally,
Terje, blew me out of the water.

(eerie horn music)
– This document, called an assessment, an evaluation of possible threat
to Allied forces in Europe,
was a secret NATO report on UFOs, distributed in 15 copies in the NATO system.
Could that indicate that NATO at that time
was fully aware of the UFO and ET presence?

– U.S. military took UFOs very, very seriously, during,
all through the Cold War and indeed beyond.
We have a fair amount of evidence, documentation,
military documents, intelligence documents, that show very clearly
that the U.S. military encountered objects that did not seem normal,
did not look normal, and had extraordinary behavior.
Violating sensitive air space, again, and again, and again.
So the question is not, do UFOs exist?
The question is, who do they belong to?
And indeed, guess what, this was exactly the question
I discovered that U.S. military analysts asked.
They were no dummies.
So they knew. There’s only a couple of possibilities here.
Question number one, back in the 40s and 50s
was are these Soviet devices?
In the context of the Cold War, that’s important, you need to find out.
Did the Soviets come up with a revolutionary type of propulsion and so forth.
Well, they looked into it and the answer did not
seem to be yes, it looked like it was a no.
And indeed, that seems to be the answer today.
So then question number two is, is this a secret project that we’re doing?
Somewhere in the bowels of the American military complex?
That’s a fair question.
It’s entirely possible, but again, it’s also possible that that isn’t the answer.
And indeed, a lot of the evidence doesn’t seem to point that way.
The fact, for example, that our jet fighters were chasing these objects again and again,
is one thing that points to that.
If it was a secret American project, why continually, year after year, scramble your own military
to chase them down?
So then there’s a third option.
And in the context of the late 1940s it was, are they interplanetary spaceships?
That was really the only other option people could think of at the time.
And guess what, there were many analysts from the 1940s
and all throughout the period that we can get any information on this,
that yes, there were many people who argued that this was the case.




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