Nou Paradigma (3/8)


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– [Terje] Incredible stories continue to happen.

– The most interesting of those cases occurred in November of 1965.

There were UFO reports in New York state, all over New England,

of objects being sighted above power lines,

over power plants, over power relay stations.

I forget the gentleman’s name, but one of the FAA regional directors was flying in a private plane

near Syracuse, New York and they saw a large fiery ball pass over power lines

at a place called the Clay Power Substation.

And as soon as the object was directly over the lines,

from horizon to horizon all the lights went out as far as this man could see.

And initially he thought that he had gone blind temporarily,

you know something had happened, and then he realized that there was no power.

And it became what is known as the great northeast blackout.


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– It’s an incredible instance on 17 November, 1986 of a Japan Airlines plane that was flying from Tokyo to Paris,

through Alaska, encountered three large shelled walnut-type objects.

The largest was described, intermittently in different reports,

as either the size of one or two U.S. aircraft carriers.

They were pacing the plane, they were making aerodynamic movements, which were scaring the pilots.

It’s an amazing incident in that, a possible five different agencies were all tracking these objects at the same time.

Namely the FAA, the CIA, NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and I presume Japan Airlines when the calls came in.

It’s one of the most heavily documented cases ever.

There’s transcripts that come out of the black box that were frightening.

It turned out that the Reagan administration

was excited about all this, because they had never gotten

so much documented information on a UFO incident ever in history.

So they convened a scientific advisory board that in January was gonna study all the information.

As far as that scientific advisory committee,

John Callahan, who was a senior FAA official, was on top of all this.

He was excited too, he had looked at all of the data.

He said they’d never had anything this good.

The scientific advisory board convened and they were waiting for the meeting to start.

And according to Mr. Callahan, before the President even came in,

somebody from the CIA came in and snatched everything up and said,

“This never happened” and walked out.



– The history of UFOs in the United States is just filled with

one impossible sighting after another impossible sighting.

The problem with them is that they have great military documentation again and again,

showing that they actually happened.

Or what does one make of the boomerang craft that were seen just north of New York City

in the early 1980s in what’s called the Hudson Valley.

For several years, you have again and again,

these enormous objects being seen by thousands of witnesses.

They’re driving along the highway and they see this object hovering.

They get out of their car, their jaws drop open

and this intense bright light shoots down onto the highway

like out of a movie, except this wasn’t a movie.

This happened many times over a period of, say five years,

just north of New York City.


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– [Terje] In Great Britain, periods of extensive UFO activity kept the subject warm in the news media.

A serving police detective within the U.K. force

in England, has over the recent years, gather reports involving over 800 police officers

having different UFO encounters.

And here is one of the stories.

– His name was Police Constable Eric Raymond.

And he was a police officer in the Thames Valley police

at the time of this particular sighting.

And he was in a rural location in 1979, I believe it was.

He was stood talking with two other police officers.

Two vehicles parked up, middle of the countryside.

Dark, no streetlights, or anything, it’s just a very dark.

And they’re doing what police officers do at three in the morning, have a chat,

have a cigarette or whatever.

Suddenly in the distance they see a bright light blink on for literally a second.

It’s a long way off, they look, it blinks off.

They don’t think anything to it.

They just carry on talking.

Five minutes later, this happens (fingers snapping) and the object appears in front of them at a distance

of about 400 meters, at an altitude of just 500 feet, which is very close.

And they describe the object as being the size of a football field.

And it is shining a beam down, the width of a football field, across the landscape and slowly scanning the terrain.

They think about going on the police radio and think, nobody’s gonna believe this.

So they don’t, they don’t want the ridicule factor.

So they watch for five minutes in all.

The object is moving in total silence.

And they say there are smaller objects flying silently around the larger silent object.

And after five minutes, it goes. (fingers snapping)

Doesn’t go up, doesn’t go left, doesn’t go right.

It disappears like a light bulb.


– The 70s brought an amazing number of UFO reports from the British Isles.

But nothing could compare to what was to unfold in late December 1980, at a NATO base in Suffolk, east of London.

– The Rendelsham Forest incident is Britain’s most famous and compelling UFO encounter.

The file on the incident was made public a number of years ago under The Freedom of Information Act.

So the case file’s in the public domain,

but the bottom line is the case has never been explained.


– [Terje] Peter Robbins spent nine years doing intensive research for his book,

giving a first hand account of the case.

His co-author, Larry Warren, was airman at the base at the time and one of the key eyewitnesses to the event.

– It occurred between Christmas and New Year’s on three consecutive nights, 1980.

And it involved over flights above this twin NATO base complex in Suffolk.

About 80 miles from London.

Landings, the shooting down of beams of light into the weapons storage area,

which was a nuclear weapons storage area.

Very much in violation of our treaty with Great Britain at the time.

And on the final night of the three nights, there was the biggest incident.

In this, my co-author, dozens of other American Air Force personnel were taken

and brought out to a field near their sister base, RAF Woodbridge, where they saw the appearance

of a machine of undetermined origin.


– At that place, an object appeared on the ground in the place of a mist, I saw this happen.

A red light moved in, exploded.

It caused retina and eye damage to a lot of us, peripheral people.

A structured object was in its place on the ground, though you couldn’t look directly at it.

You’d have to look at it with your peripheral vision to get the shape.

Entities were seen.


– [Interviewer] How many?

– Three.

Looking very translucent, not your, what they call gray, that sort of thing.

It was almost ghost-like.

Very much animated, self-animated though.

That whole event was filmed.

– [Interviewer] Did they walk out of the craft?

– Well no, they were floating about a foot above the ground

in a very bright light.

The lower extremities were very hard to see.

They were a foot off the ground.

– They were about four feet tall.

They had that same large cranial structure, the giant black sweeping eyes.

Almost no nose, a hint of a mouth.

And they were each dressed in a suit, very tight fitting.

And they were slightly translucent and they were floating.

So they got in about five feet from the thing, they were right there.

And the beings were no further away than like 20 feet or so from Larry.

So this was all happening in extremely close proximity, very close up.

Larry and other men there observed, besides the dozens of American enlisted

Air Force personnel, many of them like Larry, with secret clearances,

’cause they worked around nuclear weapons,

but there were British police officers on location.

They were from the nearby village of Woodbridge.

And while the American Air Force personnel were filming this with

video, and this is 1980, so you could spot a video camera a long ways away, it was very bulky, but

also regular film cameras.

One of these police officers was taking photographs of this landed machine

with a 35mm camera.

And from what I understand, the Air Force confiscated this camera from the police officer,

which caused a bit of a fight.

When these beings appeared, they looked at the human beings and the human beings

looked at them.

And no hands were shaken, no things were exchanged.

If anybody heard voices in their heads,

I don’t know about this.

And at a certain point, these beings, they did not open

a door and walk in, but they disappeared.

And the sense was they had gone back in.

The machine then lifted up.

It was making a slight humming sound, my best description.

It angled slightly and then, (imitates zooming) and it was a star, you know, in a matter of seconds

and it was gone.

What happened the next day is almost more upsetting to me.

Namely that these men were debriefed.

I think they were told a combination of truths and lies to overwhelm them, intimidate

them, keep them quiet.

And then that night, a number of the individuals, Larry and Adrian Bustinza

next to him included, were taken against their wills, subdued chemically,

and put through a series of procedures to confuse and up fuse their thinking

and were released a day or so later right before New Year’s.


– [Terje] Three years later this incredible story

had leaked to the media and created a long succession

of headlines as more and more information was revealed from different sources.

Larry himself being one of the main sources.

But no official comments on the UFO incident were given from either the U.S. or

the British government.

All the unique film and video material, including the pictures taken by the British policeman

were removed from the base by U.S. military, never to be seen again.

In 2009, Larry King and CNN shed new light on the case, by bringing in new eyewitnesses

confirming the story of the first night of the sightings.

– I was there on the first night.

I went off base to, to check out a possible aircraft downing.

I thought it was a aircraft crash and I took my team with me and when we got

to the wooded line off the east gate, we discovered a craft of unknown origin.

It was triangular in shape.


– [Larry] On the ground?

– On the ground.

– [Larry] You touch it?

– Touched it, walked around it, photographed it.

We did a full investigation of it on the ground for 45 minutes.

– With this exceptional testimony from a retired U.S. Air Force security officer live on CNN,

confirming the story of several other eyewitnesses, you might expect it to lead to some kind of

official reaction.

Does the Rendlesham case actually tell us straight out that there is another reality

in the midst of our lives able to come and go as it pleases?

In other countries, UFO observations were made continuously.

In Brazil and the huge Amazon area, UFO and ETs were observed almost on a daily basis.

– You know, historically Brazil is one of the major country as far as UFO sightings and contacts with

aliens is concerned.

Now we have all sorts of cases and they are spread all over the country.

Some of the most astounding cases in the UFO history happen in Brazil.

We’re talking about landings.

We’re talking about face to face contact with aliens,

which are getting rare for some reason.

And we talking about also sightings with multiple witnesses.

Sightings in the middle of cities, like two or three thousand people seeing a UFO.



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