Nou Paradigma (4/8)

– [Terje] But what about Russia and the former Soviet Union?

– Russian navy has not been known to reveal its secrets,
but Russian navy has been known to be in the forefront of the UFO and USO research.
And we have reports coming basically from all corners of the world.
Be it the south Georgia island, or the Bering Sea,
or for example, especially the Sea of Okhotsk,
and such lakes like the lake Baikal.
They had encountered,
not only gigantic underwater objects and submarines
who could move at incredible speeds,
and the Soviets just could not catch up with them.
They had also encountered disks that would basically
fly out from under the water, go into the sky, separate into different objects,
come back together, fly away.
They had encountered a phenomenon which was called (speaking foreign language)
from the Russian word (speaking foreign language) meaning to emit a sound
like frogs would do.
What it meant is that Soviet submarines, especially in the Atlantic area,
would find gigantic moving objects at great depths of the sea.
Objects that would emit certain sounds that kind of reminded them of croaking,
but you know they were different sounds.
They could do nothing about this,
but the Soviets became very nervous because these gigantic
objects would accompany them.
And of course, they though the Americans came up with a new way to
track Soviet submarines.
They found out this was not so.

(eerie music)

– At 2008 we received over 867 sighting reports
from 37 different cities in Turkey.
And out of those, 35% of them were documented.
15 to 20% of them were unidentified.

– [Terje] In Turkey, one of the most amazing recent cases
is from the town Combergas, an hour away from Istanbul,
where a security guard captured astonishing UFO footage
over a three months period in 2007.
The film clearly shows the outline
and the structure of the object
and also what seems to be the silhouette of two beings inside.
The film has been thoroughly checked by a governmental scientific institution.
– In the official report it says clearly that this is not a hoax at all.
This is not a computer animated hoax or a model or anything like that.
There is a physical object in the footages that we could not identify.
They categorize them as unidentified flying objects.

– [Terje] Astonishing video has also been released from Mexico.
Military gun camera shots of traveling UFOs hit the news in 2004.
And even more astonishing, fleets of UFOs were seen and filmed over several cities.
As a result of the rising national interest in the UFO issue in Mexico,
one of their main broadcasters has run a two and a half hour show
every Sunday night the past 15 years,
presenting the latest UFO documentation.

– I have a television program every Sunday night from 5:30 to 8:00.
It’s primetime in the Mexican television.
And we present the news around this phenomenon.
It means the most recent videos, the most recent photographs,
the most recent cases, the investigation behind that, the actuality.
Many people in the media and even the public have been brainwashed
by the scientists who don’t want to investigate this.
But there is enough evidence, scientifically, proof-based,
that can be investigated and presented to the scientists.
And they have to accept and agree that this phenomenon is real.
There is no question in my mind.
I’m a journalist, I’ve been a journalist for almost 40 years.
And I know because I’ve seen them, because I’ve seen creatures,
because I know it’s true!

(eerie horn music)

– Behind me here, inside this blue container, is the only stationary,
fully automatic, 24 hour UFO observatory on the planet.
In Norway, the remote mountain valley Hessdalen became world famous
after almost continuous observations from the early 80s on.
Strange lights moved up and down the mountainsides
every night, over long periods,
just above the treetops.
In contrast to many other countries, scientists arrived
and established a permanent UFO observatory.
– The light phenomena here in Hessdalen, Norway
started in late ’81, with a lot of sightings.
At the most it was 20 sightings a week.
The local people here started to see the light down in the valley,
sometimes close to their houses.
And they was wondering what could this be?
And some was a little bit afraid too,
because no one could give them any answer,
what could it be?

– [Terje] Radar and cameras were soon to pick up
astonishing pictures of the unexplained light phenomena.
This picture is taken with 1/160th of a second exposure.

– The phenomena behaves very different.
Some is moving very slowly and some lights can move very fast.
The fastest speed we have ever measured was 30,000 kilometers an hour.

– [Terje] But the local residents claim to have seen more than just lights.

(speaking foreign language)

– [Terje] The observatory shoots pictures automatically every minute
and puts them on the internet.
Many amazing shots have been captured.
After an automatic video recording system was put up,
one year of waiting passed
before the Hessdalen phenomenon is caught on camera.

(suspenseful music)

– [Terje] Zooming in and slowing down the film,
something really astonishing is revealed.
A smaller second light seems to appear from underneath,
joining the main light.
Is something collected by the lights?
Landings were also reported
and even solid proof was found of earth samples
being taken in the midst of nowhere.
Here, a two hour’s walk from the nearest dirt road,
a two ton piece of wet turf has been cut out with laser precision,
lifted and placed a few meters away.
No sign of machinery, nor people.

During a week in September 2007, a major survey was carried out
by the university scientists assisted by students
with several observation units.
On the fourth night of the survey,
the phenomenon decides to show up.

(people yelling excitedly)

(speaking foreign language)

(dramatic music)

– We had a big light that started out and moved very quickly north and south.
And gave us this very, very impressive picture,
which possibly is the best picture ever taken of the Hessdalen phenomena.
The exposure time, was 30 seconds,
so we see that the Hessdalen phenomena
moves from, starts up here,
and moves down and then goes up again here.
The distance here, it’s approximately,
maybe from 10 to 15 kilometers,
the distance that’s covered.
The camera has optical grating in front of the lens,
and this grating make this optical spectrum here.
The one thing that this, that surprises us with the spectrum is that it’s continuous.
The colors goes directly over in,
over in the other color here.
And we see no lines or dots here,
which will give us a signal that we have a gas that is burning.
This looks like optical spectrum from a solid object or from plasma
with high density.

– So it’s still too early to say for certain what the origin of these lights is,
and what these flying objects really are.
But one thing we can state as a fact,
the phenomenon is here and it’s real.

And what about the Eupen sightings in Belgium?
The Phoenix lights in Arizona.
The UFO at Osaka airport, Japan.
The UFO landing in Voronezh, Russia.
The ghost rockets in Sweden.
The Col de Vence sightings in France.
The UFOs filmed in Milan, Italy.
The UFO fleets over Peru.
The UFO hovering over Chicago O’Hare airport, seen by pilots and ground personnel.
And the large UFO forcing the Xiaoshan airport in China to close for four hours in 2010.
It goes on and on.

– Well, of course, at this late date there is just an abundance
of documentation, military reports, radar sightings,
personal experiences, that go back for many years.
But they have been routinely ignored, shun aside by the government,
ignored by the media,
and therefore the average person rarely gets to hear of these things.
But when you put ‘em together, it forms a very compelling picture
that there is a reality that’s happening all around us
that we are being systematically
denied information on.
I’ve had many people say, well look, if all this happened,
wouldn’t there have been military people and radar operators
and even policemen and stuff who would’ve said they had these experiences?
And the answer is, absolutely yes.
But early on, they learned their lesson.
If they stepped forward and they said, yes I saw these these things,
then they tend to lose their job, they lose their credibility, people begin to snicker at ‘em.
And that’s been very effective over the years in keepin’ this whole issue quiet.

– I know that if they took an oath not to reveal that,
in our country, that was very serious at that time.
If you violated a top-secret clearance, you could be put in jail for 15 or 20 years
and everything you have done removed from you.

– [Terje] Could this be why the military observations never reached the public?
But many who had been involved in UFO sightings over the years,
felt a strong urge to reveal what they knew
and to be relieved from the burden of carrying these secrets.
After 30 or 40 years, and having retired from service,
many were willing to break their oaths and speak publicly.

– They could stop on a dime.
They can take off at Mach 10 or greater.
It’s unbelievable what they can do!
So we need to know these things.
So the only reason I’m here is to tell you,
let’s disclose this whenever we can, please.

– [Man] Thank you.
(audience applauding)

– In 2001, the U.S. medical doctor Steven Greer
staged an initiative where several hundred witnesses
of high rank and high credibility,
came forward with what they had experienced during service.
The Disclosure Project, helped by the internet and YouTube,
was a formidable eye-opener to people all over the world.

– So we started a project that’s known as the Disclosure Project,
which people can see at,
where we began to identify military and corporate and CIA intelligence officers
who had personal knowledge of the classified operations dealing with this subject.
And to get them to come forward, with our information,
to disclose this publicly.
Because what we felt was necessary was that the secrecy should be ended
and this information disclosed so that humanity,
not just one country in America,
but all of humanity could make peaceful contact
with these civilizations visiting us,
but also would lay the foundation for these new technologies,
the energy and propulsion systems that are behind these UFOs
that are so mysterious.
How are they flying?
Well this is understood, but they are in classified projects.
So that was another objective, was to get the technologies out to the public
so we could have a civilization that would get freed from the use of oil
and the destruction of the environment.




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