Nou Paradigma (5/8)

– There were probably 1500 reported cases at that time.

– I have over 3,000 cases now.

– They estimated 100 yards from the left wing
was this 100 foot disk.

– And the strength of the signal was as strong as the surface contact on the water of an aircraft carrier.
This contact was huge!

– The size of these objects, around, 100 meters,
or greater.

– So it go from one o’clock, seven or eight miles to six, seven o’clock, seven or eight miles
inside of four or five seconds.
You have to be moving pretty quickly.

– They could rise, just go straight up.
They could do that, just seemed like instantaneous.

– Once they started movin’, they went straight up.
You know, for a while, and he went zap!

– Then it just sort of, disappeared, it dematerialized.

– And left the atmosphere, just was gone.
It just took off into space.

– He said you are never to speak of this again.
As far as you’re concerned, this never happened.

– You never saw this and I don’t exist and this situation never happened.

– I didn’t wanna look at it any longer that that.
Because I felt that my life was in jeopardy.

– I am prepared to state that I have been at locations where craft of unknown origin,
that did not originate on the face of this planet, was there.
I am prepared to state that while I was there, we saw living, dead
bodies of entities that were not born on this planet.
I am prepared to state that we had
what they referred to as interfacing with those entities.
We have contact with aliens,
not originating from some foreign country,
but from some other solar system.
And I have been a party to that.

– What some of these witnesses also revealed
were observations of UFOs hovering over storage sites of nuclear weapons
and nuclear rocket launch sites.

– The big increase in all the sightings around the world happened at the timme
when we began to detonate nuclear weapons.
This is not an accident.
And I’ve been told by senior intelligence officials
that essentially a big red flag went up over our planet
saying we were in trouble.
But not only are we in trouble, but we could be a threat to others,
because you combine
going into space, the early stages of space travel,
and the use of hydrogen bombs and nuclear weapons,
and a civilization on Earth that was still very violent,
as you look around the Earth even today, of course.
So this is something that any enlightened
or even self-interested civilization, observing the Earth,
which I think we’ve been under observation
for thousands of years,
would be greatly concerned.

– Over the last 35 years, I have talked to now over 100 people, about 115,
nuclear missile launch officers, targeting officers,
missile maintenance personnel, and missile guards.
And these individuals, for the most part,
do not know each other.
Some were in the Air Force in the 1960s.
Some were in the Air Force in the 1990s.
They were at different bases,
but they all have very, very similar stories.
And what they describe is
UFOs coming in very quickly at high rates of speed
and instantly stopping
and hovering either over the underground nuclear
missile launchers,
or what are called launch control facilities
that launch the missiles.
So after the missiles malfunction, the UFO leaves.
Now this has occurred at at least three Air Force bases that I’m aware
of in the United States.

– The event, the incident, I guess I call it,
happened on the morning
of March 16th, 1967.
As I recall, it was early in the morning.
I received a call from my topside security guard
and said, sir there’s
a glowing red object
hovering right outside the front gate.
He said, “I’m looking at it right now.
“It’s a glowing red object.
“I’ve got all the men out here with their weapons drawn.”
of course, he was all shook up
while he was telling me this.
He was very excited.
I immediately went
over to my commander, who was taking a nap,
we have a little cot down there,
in a rest period.
And I was telling him
about the telephone call,
we just received.
Then as I was relating this to him,
our missiles started shutting down one by one.
There were approximately
anywhere from six to eight that went down,
but they went down in rapid succession.
Which again, is extremely rare.
And in the meantime, I called upstairs
to find out what the status was,
of this object.
The guard said, well the object has left.
It just, just left at high speed.
(eerie horn music)
(man speaking in foreign language)

– Numerous well documented UFO sightings
by numerous credible people,
flying saucers tracked on radar
chased by fighter pilots,
nuclear missile sites malfunctioning after UFO visitations,
and even alien beings
witnessed by police officers
and high ranked military personnel.
Where does all this leave us?

– Four major conclusions,
after now 52 years, 51 years, of study and investigation.
First, the evidence is overwhelming that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled,
extraterrestrial spacecraft.
In other words, some UFOs,
some, underline it 20 times,
some UFOs are alien spacecraft.
Most are not.
I don’t care about the ones that aren’t.
I’m a nuclear physicist,
I don’t care about the isotopes that
aren’t fissionable.
Wanna build a reactor, use that one that is,
who cares about the rest?
That’s the first conclusion.
Second, the subject of flying saucers
represents a kind
of cosmic Watergate,
that is to say, some few people within major governments
have known since at least 1947,
when at least two crashed flying saucers were recovered with alien bodies in New Mexico.
That indeed, some UFOs
are alien spacecraft.
Notice I’m not saying everybody in government knows,
that’s not how you keep secrets.
I worked under security for 14 years.
Need to know is the important factor.
The third conclusion
is that none of the arguments made against the first two
by a small group of noisy negativists,
when I’m being polite,
stand up under careful scrutiny.
They sound great, until you look at the data
and then all those anti arguments collapse.
And the fourth conclusion,
’cause I’m such a shy, retiring kind of guy,
is that this is the biggest story of the millenium,
visits to planet Earth by alien spacecraft,
successful cover-up of the best data, bodies and wreckage,
for 62 years.

(eerie horn music)

– Extraterrestrial beings from somewhere
are engaging us and this planet,
and have been for, at least since the mid 20th century
and possibly for as many thousands of years back as you care to go.
That’s a fact, that’s an absolute certain fact.
It’s been proven many times over.
Since the 40s,
the governments of the world,
and certainly the United States government,
the main industrialized governments,
have been aware of this, right.
That’s a fact.
It’s been proven.
The United States, with the cooperation of most,
if not all of its allies
from World War II,
made a decision to embargo this fact
and the acknowledgment of it,
formal acknowledgment of it,
from its citizens.
That’s a fact, alright.
And what is happening
is that 62 years after that truth embargo
was formally and informally instigated,
that it’s now coming to an end.
And that we are soon going to be,
informed by these governments
that the ET presence is real.
And begin the process of learning about it
from the governments, right.
And from all of the citizen scientists and activists
who have been pursuing
it without the government’s support.
And that information will be
pushed forward and into the public domain.
That’s, in its simplest form, what’s going on.

– But why did the government
instigate a truth embargo
and how could the secrecy continue til this day?

– The concern in the Pentagon in the 1940s,
when suddenly you have these very strange objects
appearing that don’t
seem to be American
and don’t seem to be Russian,
if they are spaceships,
we might, if we tell the public about this
and be candid with them,
there could be massive panic.
The first chief of Project Blue Book,
Captain Edward Ruppelt,
when he left the Air Force
and wrote a book in 1956
about what the Pentagon knew,
he stated that in the directorate of intelligence
at the Pentagon, there was open discussion
and ongoing discussion about
we cannot tell the public the truth
because they will not handle the truth well.

– They also didn’t want to alarm the people
because their job is to defend the United States
and they couldn’t stop these UFOs.
They went with impunity anywhere they wanted to go.
So the military never wants to admit
that they couldn’t do anything about this,
because that would be to admit they were defenseless.

– If we have recovered a spacecraft in 1947 at Roswell,
that technology would be so
superior to human technology
that the Pentagon certainly would keep that a secret,
even from America’s allies in Europe,
to try to create our own UFOs.
So if a war with the Russians, the Soviets,
happened we would have the advantage
because of this superior technology.
That would be one reason for the secrecy.

– But they had a formidable problem.
Because while it’s easy to decide,
okay we’re not gonna talk about this,
we’re not gonna reveal this,
ETs are all over the place, they’re being seen,
filmed, photographed, seen by pilots outside a cockpits,
year after year after year.
At the same time, they’re trying to maintain a policy
that there’s nothing there to investigate.
So they had a really tough job.
It’s easy to say we’re gonna build a super bomber
and put everybody under oath
and classify the whole program and maybe even
stick it underground and build your secret bomber.
That’s easy, right?
But this was not easy.
The extraterrestrials can come and go as they pleased.
They could come and contact people as they pleased,
abduct them apparently,
if they wished to.
And the government has to somehow maintain
this false reality in the face of all that.
So the truth embargo was not just a simple decision
and extremely difficult to implement.
The amazing thing
is that they did.
They put an enormous amount
of money, time, and effort
into this truth embargo and succeeded.

(“Star Wars Theme” by John Williams)

– [Terje] From the 70s, Hollywood engaged profoundly
in the ET issue, knowing that
there was a growing interest
in the general public
for these topics.
The popular movies also had
the effect of making people
more familiar with the thought
of the widely inhabited universe
beyond our own planet system.
In the 90s people started
recording their observations
with the new handy camcorders.
Today thousands of UFO clips are posted on YouTube,
but unfortunately with the sophisticated animation tools
now available on home PCs,
it’s almost impossible to tell the real from the fake.
So this has made both video
and digital stills documentation
less reliable as evidence or proof of sightings.
But in spite of this growing interest in the subject,
the main news media have
left the UFO phenomenon
almost untouched.

– In terms of mainstream
news coverage,
this topic is not taken seriously.
It’s basically a non topic.
So how is that so?
Here’s how.
It requires an understanding of the relationship
between most the mainstream new media
and global intelligence communities.
So what that says, that doesn’t mean that the CIA
controlled everything.
But that, you have to understand the media acts
in certain choke points.
So for example, a UFO sighting might
get local news coverage,
but that doesn’t mean that it gets covered on the wire services.
That’s a very different situation altogether.
Skeptics will argue,
well this phenomenon
is so big, it would’ve been covered.
But really what that betrays is a lack of understanding
of how news media has been related
to intelligence communities around the world for decades.




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