Nou Paradigma (6/8)

– And I call upon our government to open up,
like other governments have,
and you’ll hear about that this morning.

– [Terje] When CNN covered a press conference
in Washington D.C. in 2009,
where Dr. Edgar Mitchell
encouraged U.S. government
to release its UFO files,
the hope was that the issue finally
was given serious news coverage.

– [Reporter] Former Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell,
the sixth man to walk on the moon,
told the National Press Club
he’s convinced.
But there isn’t convincing proof that’s gonna convince the entire world at this point.

– That is correct, that is what we’re trying to open up.

– We’re about to go out do our little hoax.

– [Terje] But CNN chose to let two boys with air balloons
have just as much time in the report,
demonstrating how they managed to fool UFO believers.

– Again, we’re not trying to prove or disprove anything,
but it’s okay to be skeptical.

– (chuckling) Okay then. Jim, thank you very much indeed for that. Jim Acosta there.

– You bet.

– Well the role of the media
in the flying saucer phenomenon
is a very, very important one.
I think it’s very clear that,
in the United States at the very least,
that there were efforts
during the very earliest days
to try to get the media to basically dampen down expectations
and dampen down public enthusiasm
concerning extraterrestrial life
and the flying saucer phenomenon.
And this is actually documented.
And ever since that we have
seen many, many examples
of how the media
doesn’t really explore
or doesn’t really investigate flying saucer reports
and that various media
organs have been bought out
by the CIA, for example,
the National Enquirer
was actually bought out by a CIA asset,
who used it as a very clever way
to debunk flying saucer reports
by basically sensationalizing
it, making it part of a kind of tabloid media,
whereby serious media
investigators would not
do any research into
a flying saucer report
that had been in any way,
covered by the National Enquirer or these tabloids.
So that was a very clever piece of psychological warfare in my opinion to try
and get the mass media disinterested in the flying saucer phenomenon.

– So it’s a very, very complex issue.
The secrecy isn’t that hard to maintain if you have this sort of infiltration
into major institutions, media.
And also the ability simply
to float nonsensical
stories out there,
because people hear the word
UFO and extraterrestrial,
they think somebody from a trailer park in West Virginia,
who’s floated onboard a spacecraft,
had sex with someone from Mars,
and claims they have a baby in an incubator.
Or you know, just all kinds of nonsense.
The truth of it is actually more interesting.
The truth of the technologies
and the fact that the extraterrestrial technologies
are so advanced that they interface directly
with coherent thought.
Like we have coherent light in a laser,
the have technologies that interface with thought,
that interface with conscious mind.
The development of artificial intelligence
that’s integrated into these spacecraft is so advanced
that they pick up on a directed…
It’s fascinating
and this is what we’ve been experimenting with
and the whole paradigm becomes
a new paradigm of understanding the structure of the cosmos.
But most of the information that’s out in the public on this issue
has been a carnival of silliness.
And that keeps most serious people
sort of in the closet on it.

– [Terje] Is this the reason why so few scientists
engage in the UFO subject?
The fear of being associated with the silly side of the issue.
Is this also why it’s never commented on by astronomers
or by space organizations such as NASA.

– This is not just a simple civilian organization.
There’s a great military connection there
and there’s a lot of classified security clearances
involved in being able to work at NASA.
You can’t just stroll in there.
So these are people who fit a certain personality profile.
That is, they know how to follow orders,
they know how to keep their mouth shut,
and keep their head down and
their career will do just fine.
That’s how most people are who live in a bureaucratic world.
This is how secrets are kept.
There are open secrets that are kept
for years and years and years.
Because people agree just not to talk about it.
And I think that within NASA
this is very likely the case regarding the UFO issue.

– [Terje] But like Dr. Edgar Mitchell,
people retired from NASA
have commented on the issue.
Astronaut Gordon Cooper has told the world straight out
about encountering a UFO at close range
during his flight in the Mercury capsule in 1963.
And before he died, he also stated,
“For many years I have lived with a secret,
“in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics.
“I can now reveal that every day, in the USA,
“our radar instruments capture objects of form
“and composition unknown to us.”

– I would like to believe that we could
invite serious scientists into this arena,
because it will be changing the paradigm of science
as we know it.
We know that these craft are not traveling
with fossil fuel gas,
that there is a technology behind them,
that maybe this technology could help the earth
in renewable fuels.
If we could get scientists just to use that motivation
to look at the technology behind the craft,
then maybe we could invite science
to come and change the paradigm of,
of transportation,
of electromagnetism,
of all these really advanced technologies.
But we need to invite them.
I think too many are
afraid of ridicule.
Too many, I have encountered
many that are curious,
but are not willing to go public.
So we’re changing times now.
And for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and the future,
some scientists are going to have to take the risk.

– Well, it’s my hope that we open this whole issue up
and as I have said frequently,
we’re at a point in history where we have
to become a part of the neighborhood of inhabited planets,
rather like a neighborhood of a community,
which we have not even acknowledged
that that community exists up until this point.

(eerie horn music)

– [Terje] An event with the power
to institute a global revolution in technology,
communications, energy supply,
environmental concerns,
and even the way we regard
ourselves and our fellow beings.
A paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions
impacting nearly every part of our existence,
is this what we are facing?
And will we have to rewrite our entire human history?

– In the hallowed halls of,
national security agencies, and the Pentagon,
the top military,
top security people,
the top people know essentially this reality.
But the masses of people don’t.
And the people in authority,
the elite as it were,
the power brokers,
have desperately tried to keep the lid on this thing
because, Terje, it’s not simply
visitors from another planet or from another star
or another galaxy,
or even another dimension,
it’s not simply that.
It isn’t that simple.
We’ve learned over the years
that several of these intelligences
have been involved with us
from the beginning of human history.
And the evidence has been collected
that the human race
literally is a hybrid race
and that some of these
advanced intelligences
from wherever they’re from,
have been involved in genetically manipulating us
as a species from the beginning of our history.
Man is a hybrid.
From a lower order, we’ve been genetically manipulated
by advanced intelligences
into what we are.
Now that in itself is dynamite, for god’s sake.

(eerie horn music)

– And this brings us to one of the most bizarre sides
of this whole issue, the so-called alien abduction syndrome.
It first came to public awareness in the early 1970s
when stories began to surface of people being taken
onboard alien craft after being rendered passive.
Incredible stories were revealed
and the remarkable similarities
between the stories
is what has triggered the interest of researchers.
– My colleagues and I have heard directly
from thousands and thousands
and tens of thousands of people over the last 20 years,
about their abduction experiences.
And so we know that this is a very, very, very prevalent phenomenon
throughout, probably throughout the world.




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