Nou Paradigma (7/8)

– The first thing I recalled was seeing three fingers and a thumb
on hand come towards me
to pull me out of the van.
I was more than a little frightened.
I was quite traumatized by it.
I was very awake, sitting up,
and had no reference for this.
I was removed from the van.
My friend remained asleep beside me.
And as I stood at the end of the van,
there was a being that I could not look at, a very tall,
what felt very large and very tall being standing in front of me,
but I was not able to raise my head to look up.
On each side of me there was what I’ve since come to understand
is referred to as grays, one on each side of me.
My hands were hanging down at my sides and,
they were, without touching me,
with their hands underneath me, they were levitating me somehow off the ground,
about five or six inches.
I was fairly paralyzed, not able to look around.
I could look down and see one at each side of me.
And we began to move forward.

– They go through a period where they’re kind of calmed down, they’re put on a table,
and certain examinations take place,
certain procedures.
Very often there are areas of skin removed, leaving a little circular scar,
and depth, what you call scoop marks.
We don’t know what they do with this flesh, but it’s taken.
And they’re often reproductive procedures which involve, with men,
sperm samples being taken.
And with women, needles which go in the abdomen
or in the vagina, but we believe this has to do with harvesting ova.

– Fetuses are implanted,
little tiny embryos.
Fetuses are removed.
This is standard material.
This is standard stuff.
They’re taken off the table, they’re taken into another room,
they might see a bunch of babies in the other room.
They have to hold the baby.
Women have to feed the baby sometimes.
They might be taken into a room where they see,
well let me just say that the babies that they see are strange looking babies.
They look sorta like half human, half alien.
Sometimes they look more human actually.
But still, odd.
They’re taken into a room where they see toddlers sometimes.
Kids who are maybe two, three, four years old.
Who are playing with some toys.
They play with the children.
Play with the toys, the toys are unusual toys.
They have these neurological staring procedures
with the children who will look into their eyes very closely.
They, might have other procedures
where they’ll see,
a room filled with
vats, jars I should say, containers, clear glass,
or clear plastic or whatever,
containers with fetuses in them,
in different stages of development.
They will have all sorts of other procedures that are,
that happen to them.
They’re then taken back to their normal environment,
put back where they were on the couch
watching the television or whatever.
And they forget immediately what happened to them.
All they know is that they,
they were watching one television show and not only is that show over,
but the next two shows are over with as well.
And they’re still sitting there and maybe they still,
they put the can of beer in their hand,
they still have the can of beer
in their hand and they figure what happened?
And then they just forget it.
Can’t explain it and they just move on.

– [Budd] One person described a drawing,
of the table, she didn’t put anybody on the table,
but she described the aliens around the table.
The regular little aliens were about her size.
She was, I don’t know, she was maybe eight or something.
But there was this one tall one.
And that’s usually the one who’s sort of the, one in charge.

– [Terje] Drawings of abductors have been made by many abductees,
where the large eyes and the small cheek
seems to be typical characteristics for the so-called gray alien,
named after the skin tone.

– See, one of the interesting things about this
is that all the evidence we get
confirms the reality of this
over and over again.
It doesn’t dis-confirm it.

– [Terje] The so-called hybrids,
allegedly a blend of human beings and gray aliens
is today reported in a majority of the cases investigated.

– [Budd] Alien eyes but with…
Of a little girl, it was the alien hybrid child.

– [Terje] A hybrid child.
– Yeah.
And what’s interesting again,
the eyes are very peculiar.
The hair was not combed or brushed,
didn’t really cover the head properly.
So what it seemed to be was that there was a program
where people were picked up again and again and again
as if they had been studied,
they were being studied over their lifetimes
and they were sort of automatically part of a program
which was genetic in function.
It seems that we discovered that if a person
was having abduction experiences and had children,
of his or her own,
normal human children,
that often those children would also, in turn,
become abductees, as if the aliens were studying
a particular bloodline
for perhaps psychological reasons,
emotional reasons.
We don’t know exactly why,
but they seem very interested in the way the minds
worked of these people.
The emotions, they don’t seem to have the emotions that we have.
And it was as if they wanted to kind of learn
our range of emotion somehow.
It seems as if in a strange way we’re teaching them,
without being asked to.
It’s involuntary teaching,
but we’re being examples,
as if they want the richness of the human spirit
and the human emotional life,
to be somehow
blended with their own incredible,
technological gifts.

– I really understood that they covet
and envy the emotional makeup of humanity.
They can’t,
find it in their testing.
They’re trying to find it,
like we do, like on this planet.
Animal behaviorists,
as they study animals,
will watch how they react in a maze.
They’re doing the same thing to us,
trying to find out what it is that motivates us.
What motivates motherly love?
What is this intangible thing?
They can’t find it
and they want it.
They’re frightened of it and
that’s why they subdue us,
because they realize that
it’s a volatile thing
and it’s unpredictable on one
hand, but on the other hand,
I believe they covet it.
In this particular experience, that came out.
And I began to try to define, and I said,
I got it, you want what we have.
This is what’s got
the species fascinated with us.
Why we are so incredibly different.
In this instance, I realized that we may be
on the forefront of something
that some other species are not.
So what if emotions are actually,
part of the highest evolution possible?
And perhaps we as humans
are the forefront of this
and we’re clumsy with it, we don’t know what to do with it in our evolution,
but instead of being behind
these other species who have none,
or almost no development,
maybe we’re at the head of the game.
Why would so many species be interested in Earth?
Why would so many species be interested
in humanity in this way?
Why, if we one of a billion planets,
or million, whatever planets that could be sustaining life,
why this little tiny, tiny little nothing planet?
Why would we have this kind of activity
if there wasn’t something special here?
I believe that may be it.

(eerie music tones)

– Another bizarre phenomenon
is reported from people who claim to have been in contact
with ETs and then detecting a small foreign object in their body
which is considered to be an implant.
The rare characteristics of these objects
led to a study by a medical doctor and surgeon.
After removing several of these considered implants,
and having them analyzed,
amazing results were presented.

– We found that the biology of the object,
I found the object is covered with biological membrane
which seems to prevent the human body from reacting
to it by any kind of a rejection or inflammation reaction.
We find that there’s absolutely no wound or portal of entry
or scar where these things entered the body.
And looking at the metallurgy,
we find things such as a meteoric iron.
We find the nickel iron ratios that are similar to meteorites.
They’ve been tested in numerous laboratories now,
Los Alamos National Labs,
New Mexico Tech, University Labs,
and many, many other laboratories.
In this last case,
in addition to that,
we find that there are structures
such as carbon nanotubes,
multi-rectangular sodium chloride crystals.
We find that there are
a list of elements,
says Americanium, Samarium,
a number of different elements that are not normally found.
We also find things like,
many numerous isotopic ratios
which indicate the material does not come from here.
And in addition to this, as an example,
we find that in existence by itself,
in this last object,
is Uranium 238,
which on the Earth
cannot exist by itself.
There’s both biological
and metallurgical evidence
here which is beyond
the shadow of a doubt,
most compelling and
indicates that the human race
is been and has been
for perhaps many years,
being interfered with by some
non-terrestrial intelligence.

– The way this thing looked,
when you looked up at it.

– [Terje] But are the abductions of people
only conducted by one particular group of aliens?
Are there other aliens groups
that contact individuals
on different basis?

– So I know of, I would say, at least 60
kinds of extraterrestrial beings
that have visited the people whom I work with.
And this information all comes through
the regressions that we have done.
Some beings come to be mentors to their human beings.
And by the way,
the beings seem to work with a person for the person’s lifetime.

– They looked very human.
Their hands were not,
their hands were very different though.
Their hands were, the fingers were much longer.
They were very, very thin.
Very long, a little bit longer necks.
They had white hair
and it sort of came up a little bit here into a V shape,
the hair, a little bit wavy.
And about shoulder length.
And they had quite large blue eyes.
A perfectly formed small nose
and smaller lips.
When I was on board the craft,
they gave me, these blond beings,
gave me information
that is relevant to our time on this earth right now.
And they gave me messages that they asked me
to share with really anyone who will listen.
They’re very specific for
humanity and how we have a choice
that the process in which we are evolving,
if we continue on the path that we’re on,
that it will be just, no choice,
it will become destructive.
It was explained to me
that they have been here in the past.
They have said, we have come in the past
to help in the process of change on the earth.
And we are here once again.
They have been here since the beginning of the creation of man
and that they are here to only assist in maintaining this earth,
protecting it from any
and all things that may harm it
and that includes us.
So when, if nuclear war were to try
and be brought upon the earth,
it will not happen.
They will stop it.
Because it would be the destruction of the earth.
So this is the only time that they will step in
on a grand scale is if great destruction were to happen to the earth itself
or to every human being on the planet.




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