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El mite modern – 4/12

dimarts , 20/11/2018

Each race has slightly different aims when abducting terrestrials, but they all essentially use humans to take vital energy and seek a life much longer than ours, or even immortality. To this end, they use various procedures to deposit their memories in the brains of abductees, which they can subsequently recover, or they temporarily separate the soul of the abductee from their body and insert it into an alien body to absorb its vital energy, or they might enter the mind of the abductees using a phenomenon similar to possession. In their quest for immortality, the aliens do not kidnap just anybody, but only humans with a soul, which account for no more than 20% of humanity.

Abduction is also hereditary: an abductee typically has a parent who was abducted, and their children will probably be taken in turn. However, despite their advanced abduction techniques, the aliens are not infallible; although they may not realise it, some people can resist attempts at abduction. However, they will experience various paranormal disturbances and phenomena (even spontaneous human combustion in the most extreme cases) due to the enormous expenditure of energy caused by resisting the alien assault.

El mite modern – 3/12

dimarts , 20/11/2018

Unlike other authors of books about UFOs – and herein lies the main reason for the separation and controversy previously mentioned – Malanga maintains that the abduction phenomenon is not positive but negative. The aliens are not our ‘brothers from space’ who come to bring peace and love, but enemies of humankind who manipulate terrestrials to take from them the energy they need in order to survive and pursue their dreams of immortality.

Malanga also contests the theories that there are good aliens and bad aliens (according to a popular author in the Ufology world, David Icke from England, the bad ‘reptilians’ and good ‘pleiadians’): even the so-called good aliens are just bad aliens in disguise. While the ‘greys’ mentioned in ufology literature are a sort of biological robot that serves the aliens (used in the kidnappings too), the extra-terrestrials are divided into five main races, some of which collaborate and some of which are at conflict with each other.