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El mite modern – 6/12

dimecres, 21/11/2018

This reference to possession does not imply that Malanga expresses positive judgement on religions. Quite the contrary. On the one hand, Malanga’s theory claims to be able to provide a scientific explanation for phenomena roughly interpreted by religions: glossolalia (or rather alloglossia, speaking in unknown languages) for example and memories assumed to be from past lives which actually derive from access to the alien’s memories or the memories of other people abducted by the same aliens. All these memories are mixed when the human brain is used as a storage or deposit. On the other hand, the large religions – just like politics and the plots for a new world order – are of use to the aliens, when they are not tricks invented by them – to convince humans to allow their psychic energies to be absorbed by the extra-terrestrials without too much protest. Malanga maintains that visions of Mary are often staged by aliens to this end and he is quite uncompromising when it comes to religion. “Aliens disguised as priests, monks, nuns, gods and popes confuse us and scare us by promising severe punishment in our future if we do not do as they say”, he explained in an interview. We must reject religion then and convince ourselves that “God is inside us because we are God”. Starting from this awareness, study of this phenomenon has developed beyond simply denouncing the actions of the aliens and their accomplices, to propose a path that leads to greater self-awareness and the discovery of Man, understood as the being closest to God.

El mite modern – 5/12

dimecres, 21/11/2018

The techniques proposed by Malanga claim to be able to remedy a large number of disturbances which may appear to be of physical or psychic origin, but which actually derive from unconscious memories and the consequences of the alien abduction. To those who liken these procedures to the auditing performed by the Church of Scientology, Malanga replies that Scientology’s approach to extra-terrestrial phenomena is entirely superficial.

Over the course of Malanga’s procedure, it is possible to interact with the aliens present in the minds of the abductees, addressing them as the exorcist does with the Devil in cases of possession, and ultimately liberate the abductee from this presence and its consequences.