Major Donald Keyhoe interview, 2/3

In 1952, there was an intelligence analysis of the maneuvers of these things, as seen by radar, triangulation, radar photographs. And in ’53, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Air Force had a special panel of scientists meet at the Pentagon, to tell them what to do. And after they got through, this group said, “You don’t have proof that these things exist, not scientific proof, but you have a very strong circumstantial case.

We suggest you quadruple investigations, set up special observation posts and in the meantime release everything you got the American people.” Now, you’ve got four documents there; they’ve been sitting on all this time. Now, that… and they have been spending a lot of money investigating flying saucers. If they don’t exist, why the money… why did the intelligence team rush out every time there’s a sighting?

WALLACE: Now then, you have mentioned four documents that you claim exist. We’ve heard, in the past, that you have claimed that these documents existed. We’ve seen your literature in which you talk about the existence of those documents. So, we spoke with the Air Technical Intelligence Center at the Pentagon earlier with this week, and this is what we’re told officially by them, “Three of the four documents Major Keyhoe refers to, simply do not exist.

The fourth document does exist, you can have a copy of it, Mr. Wallace, and you can see that it doesn’t say what Major Keyhoe claims it says.” We have a copy of it and I quote to you from the copy. The Air Force document says just this, “The panel recommends that the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the UFOs of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired.

We suggest an integrated program designed to reassure the public of the total lack of evidence of inimical forces behind the phenomena.” And again, as I point out, secretary Horner says it’s simply ain’t so. Now, why? The point really at issue here, it would seem, Major Keyhoe, is this: Why do you believe that the Air Force says that nothing is going on? Why do you believe that the…? It’s a fairly serious charge that you make.

KEYHOE: I know it is.

WALLACE: You make the charge that the United States government is withholding from the people of the United States certain very important information. Why? What would their motive be for withholding that kind of information from us?

KEYHOE: Well, I’ll answer that, but I’d also like to show you some proofs that they are withholding it. The reason was given to me when they were working with me back in ’52 and ’53; it was first that they were afraid of hysteria. Remember the Orson Welles show-back… way years back, when he scared people in the hills with the…


KEYHOE: …idea of invading Martians. Then, they were also afraid that it would upset organized religion, that was a smaller factor, but there was some fear of it. Later, they were afraid that these accidents when the interceptors had chased these things and had been lost or had crashed, might be considered a proof of hostility. Now, I would never have put my name on anything if it were a matter of a personal opinion.

I’ve talked to, and read the reports of, hundreds of pilots and radar men, guided missile trackers, who’ve seen these things. And some of them are very more important names. The Air Force says that they’ve (…) this down to 1.9 percent, but you noticed the word current in there, they mean we are currently explaining.

Now, I have in my possession a copy of the special report fourteen, which is their Bible on this. In the back, it has a table showing that of thirty-two hundred and one cases they examined, nineteen and a half percent were unsolved. And they admit they still are unsolved. You add up what they’ve had since then; it makes over twelve percent of the reports and those are mostly from the best possible sources.

WALLACE: Well now, wait just a second; I’ll use your figures. The Department of Defense released an official bulletin on November 5, 1957, saying that from June of ’55 to June of ’57, a two-year period, just a fraction over two percent of all investigated unidentified flying objects had to be listed as unknown. Two percent, so that’s your one point nine…

KEYHOE: What’s the period, again?

WALLACE: ’55 to ’57. The rest were determined to have been balloons, airplanes, hoaxes, and a category about 12 percent, called insufficient information, which means that the report was so flimsy that there was simply nothing to check on. I must confess that they have… they’ve certainly shown me no classified material, but they have opened their files quite willingly to us in our preparation for this program tonight, and they’ve given us very convincing evidence, Major Keyhoe, that it is largely… I shouldn’t say largely, I’ll say ninety-nine and forty-four, one-hundred percent, a hoax. Now, you mentioned…

KEYHOE: A hoax?

WALLACE: Well, let… when I say a hoax…

KEYHOE: Are you saying a lot of good pilots, hoax?

WALLACE: No, no, no, not hoax, just… I thank you for correcting me, not just a hoax, but, let’s say, misinformation or sightings of objects which seem to be one thing but are, in fact, another. I’m glad that you corrected me about hoax, because it is, by no means, that much a hoax. But, you mentioned that Dr. Donald Menzel, who was a professor of Astrophysics at Harvard before. Now, I think you will agree that he’s one of the world’s most distinguished astrophysicists. Is that not so?

KEYHOE: I think there are others who are equally capable, but, do not agree with him.

WALLACE: He is one of the world’s most distinguished astrophysicists; though, I think we can agree on that. In any case, he stresses, you see, that pilots are not experts of —, that they, as well, as others, can see flying saucers when it’s only, to quote him, “the wrapper of somebody’s lunch moving around on the air” end quote. But, again, let’s come back to the point… the most important point, Major Keyhoe, and that is, why, why will the Air Force…? Why will the United States government withhold information from United States citizens? For what reason?

KEYHOE: Because they’re treating us like children, the way they did it with the H-Bomb at first, and the way they’ve been doing with other things. Now, I’m not attacking the United States Air Force. I’m attacking a small group in there that has been persistently keeping this from the public, just as they’ve kept other things. For a long time you couldn’t even mention the idea that we could be hit by missiles from submarines from the gulf or from both coasts very easily.

I knew that years and years ago and tried to get it out, but at the time was discouraged about it. Now then, you mentioned this… that this denial of these documents. Now, I’d like to tell you something that happened on the Armstrong Circle Theatre. I had requested that those points be in the script and I was discouraged from it at, first by their writer. Then later, some of our board of governors insisted that we had those points included.

So I said, “Either, I don’t go on or we have those in there.” They said all right. So the script was completely rewritten. Now those were in the script as it was first rehearsed. But when the second rehearsal, came along and the Air Force saw the mimeograph sheet there with Air Force representatives, but according to Armstrong’s writer said, they would immediately deny it on the air, even though it meant denouncing their own former project chief.

Now, the source for this is Captain Edward Ruppelt, who was the head of Project Blue Book for two years. And at that time he was considered good enough that he briefed President Truman on these things. He was the top man, rank didn’t mean anything, it was the experience that counted. All right, he says these things existed; he put it in a book which was cleared by Security and Review, in the Air Force.

On December 5, 1955, that was cleared. It’s in his book;. He has never been hauled in a court-martial. Now, I have here, and if you’d allow your camera to come in on it; this is a sheet from the script of the Armstrong Theater, which was deleted. This was crossed off, and I was told that I couldn’t say it on the air. Now that was censorship by intimidation. This can be matched up with the other sheets from the Armstrong Circle script and any typewriter expert will show you that… They ordered to take it out.

WALLACE: I’m certain that people believe you; the only thing is that, the next morning, I do distinctly remember reading a report by you, Major Keyhoe, to the effect that no censorship, no pressure of any kind had been put upon you.

KEYHOE: I’m sorry, Mr. Wallace, that… I know that statement almost by heart. I said that CBS and the Armstrong people were not to blame for cutting me off the air when I tried to mention the fact that at Senate Committee was working on the secrecy angle. I never mentioned this that night to anyone because I had promised that I wouldn’t say anything about on the air that… to the Armstrong people. It was taken out and I will do this: I will ask the United States Air Force to have the Marine Corps put me on active duty for a court-martial if that is not the case.



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