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Agustín Pániker presenta Ervin László

divendres, 4/01/2019

Ervin Laszlo és filòsof i científic de sistemes. Dues vegades nominat al Premi Nobel de la Pau, ha publicat més de 75 llibres i més de 400 articles i treballs de recerca. Laszlo és el fundador i president del think tank internacional del Club de Budapest i del prestigiós Institut Laszlo de New Paradigm Research. El guanyador del Luxembourg Peace Prize 2017.

The Intelligence of the Cosmos, Ervin Laszlo

divendres, 4/01/2019

For the outdated mainstream paradigm the world is a giant mechanism functioning in accordance with known and knowable laws and regularities. The new paradigm emerging in science offers a different concept: The world is an interconnected, coherent whole, and it is informed by a cosmic intelligence. This is not a finite, mechanistic-material world. It is a consciousness-infused whole-system world. We are conscious beings who emerge and co-evolve as complex, cosmic-intelligence in-formed vibrations in the Akashic Field of the universe.

Ervin Laszlo and his collaborators from the forefront of science, cosmology, and spirituality show how the re-discovery of who we are and why we are here integrates seamlessly with the wisdom traditions as well as with the new emerging worldview in the sciences, revealing a way forward for humanity on this planet. They explain how we have reached a point of critical incoherence and tell us that to save ourselves, our environment, and society, we need a critical mass of people to consciously evolve a new thinking. Offering a guidepost to orient this evolution, Laszlo examines the nature of consciousness in the universe, showing how our bodies and minds act as transmitters of consciousness from the intelligence of the cosmos and how understanding science’s new concept of the world enables us to re-discover our identity and our purpose in our world.

About the book ” The Intelligence of the Cosmos“:

• A guide to understanding our identity and purpose in the world

• Outlines the new understanding of matter and mind coming to light at the cutting edge of physics and consciousness research

• Explains how we can evolve consciously, become connected with each other, and flourish on this planet

• Includes contributions from Maria Sagi, Kingsley L. Dennis, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Dawna Jones, Shamik Desai, Garry Jacobs, and John R. Audette.