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Charles Hickson at Biloxi, Mississippi

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Biloxi, Mississippi, March 23, 1991

(Transcription & Editing by Antonio Huneeus)

Charlie Hickson lecturing at the first Ozark UFO Symposium

CHARLES HICKSON: (After describing his original incident in Pascagoula)… (we went) to the Sheriff’s Department and give a full report of what happened to us, so we did, we followed them back to the Sheriff’s Dept. and then they placed me in one room, they placed Calvin in another room, and they must have talked with us for a few hours–I am not sure how long it did go along–but we didn’t know at that time, he (Sheriff) promised me at that time that there wouldn’t be any publicity about it, that he would try to relay what we had told him to the proper authorities if he could find out who the proper authorities were; but I went home that morning, it was probably after midnight, I couldn’t sleep but I felt I had an obligation to the company that I worked for, I was a foreman there in the shipyard, so after having my coffee I went on to work and Calvin went on to work, but when I got my people to work out on the shipyard I went back to the office and my telephone was ringing and it was some newsman from Jackson, Mississippi, was asking me what had happened to Calvin and myself the night prior, then my phone started ringing again and it was the Sheriff’s Dept. and he asked me if we could go over there, that they had reporters all over the place around the Sheriff’s Dept., that they couldn’t function well… (The Sheriff) assured me he didn’t release the information, that somehow it leaked…

We talked to some reporters there, someone called Dr. James Harder and Dr. Allen Hynek from Chicago, they were coming in to determine what had happened, Dr. Harder placed us under hypnosis and they come to the conclusion that something happened to us there on the Pascagoula River… What dawned on me was that we could it possibly maybe caught some radiation from this object or from these things, and I mentioned this fact, and they decided to carry us to the Singer River Hospital to see if there were any traces of radiation, but after arriving at the Singer River Hospital, they told us that they didn’t have the facilities or what have you for checking us for radiation, that they should carry us to Keesler AFB in Biloxi, well one of the detectives on the Sheriff’s Dept. called Keesler AFB and they asked him to bring us. Well, when we arrived on Keesler, on the main gate that went on the airbase, they had MPs waiting on a jeep to escort us in, they had evacuated the entire area around there, they were quite concerned, we found out later, and they carried us down to an area where they had a tane (?) with protective clothing on where they come out and they checked us thoroughly for radiation, and they told us they thought they found some traces on Calvin but they told me they didn’t found any on me; but anyhow after that we went in to a meeting with several different officials there at Keesler and they were quite interested in what the story we had to tell them–it appeared to me that they had been through these things before–but they wouldn’t let us have a copy of the report of what the information that we had given them, but later on I obtained that information, 17 pages on the interrogation that they gave us…

Hickson at Ozarks UFO Panel

But anyhow, after that happened our life was just a nightmare to me, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I was afraid even to go outside, I didn’t want to be alone outside, and Calvin was about the same shape I was… But later in February of next year (1974), I like to be outdoors, I like to fish, the manager was a friend of mine, a tree farm, so I went to a 750 acre tree farm, and I was probably in the middle part, I knew there were squirrels around, and I saw the craft, that same craft that picked me and Calvin up that night, it came down in an open area there and there was just a message that came to me, that they didn’t mean us any harm, that there would be another time and another place, that they were going to stay in contact with me. Well at first it frightened me, I went home (talks about support of his wife, children and some close friends to go through this whole ordeal) but anyway, from that day on, these beings, the beings that were controlling these robots, have been in contact with me, I have no way of communicating with them, they communicate with me. Now, the late Dr. Hynek told me there is a possibility, a very good possibility that I had an implant of some kind that they had placed in me, that they could contact me at will, and that was a terrible fright to be told that, I have been told that by other scientists throughout the country, and they don’t know what to look for and if they found it they wouldn’t know what it was. So I had to learn to live with that and all my fears left me about these things, and also I found out through deep hypnosis that into that craft (?) that that followed me through this object, came out from the wall there was a window there, I couldn’t recall it in my conscious mind, but in my subconscious mind I recall that I saw beings, living beings in that window in another compartment, and they looked almost like we do, if they were out there probably 50 or 60 yards away you couldn’t tell them from a human being, so they are very real. Now, there has to be many worlds out there and there could be many life forms, but the beings that are in contact with me are almost like human beings that walk this Earth.

But anyway, it went on till May of the same year (1974), we had visited my family, we were returning late home that night after midnight and there was a craft that followed our car for a long ways and finally it came around in front of the car, it was trying to land in front of the car, one of my sons-in-law who was driving, I got him to stop, my wife got hysterical, my baby girl was awaken and was screaming, I was trying to get out of the car because I had my chance to meet these beings out of the craft, it had come around to the side and come down almost to the ground in an old field, and it had a row of windows all the way around it, I could see the silhouettes in the window on the board of that craft, and my wife wouldn’t let me out and was screaming for my son-in-law to start the car and leave, which he did, and he wanted to call the authorities, and I told him there was no need… but most of my family saw that and if there was any doubt in their mind in about what happened to me they began to realize that these things were real…

Three famous abductees at the Omega UFO Conference

(Talks about the terrible threat of nuclear energy and the threat of war with Russia that could have destroyed the world until not long ago; talks also about the free energy that moves the planets)… and they couldn’t sit there in their world and allow us to blow this world up which could cause a chain reaction and could affect their lives on their world, that’s why they were coming down to do something about it. (Talks about how past civilizations have done that, civilizations have been destroyed before and we were on the verge of doing it again). I told people a while ago that communism would be no more, that the nuclear threat would disappear, so most of those threats are gone and we are heading in the right direction… and we’re going to have contact in 1992, there is 30 people that’s gone have open contact with alien beings, and after 1992 there is not going to be any question in anybody’s mind, there is going to be physical evidence, but they are not going to interfere with our problems, we got to solve it our own way, they are not going to meddle in what we’re doing, we have to always remind ourselves that we can’t do anything that’s going to harm their world, they are not going to allow that. Now, they are still in contact with me, a lot of people don’t believe this, but there is something that I have to live with and I will until the day I die, but there is a world out there somewhere with living beings on it that look almost like we do that can contact me at their will, they told me many things that has come to pass, I don’t claim to be a psychic but I do know that I am in contact with something that is not from this world…

(Talks about living with it, how many people don’t believe that there are other worlds, how we all have free will) but after 1992 there won’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind on this Earth that there is other worlds out there with intelligent life that have visited our world; I might add also–you may believe this or you may not–this world out there has been in contact with the leaders of this country, they have been in contact with the leaders in Russia, that’s the only way it could have happened, we hear our president now talk about the New World Order, it has to be that way, we have to have a New World Order, we have to stop the wars, we have to take care of our polluted streams, (talks about storing nuclear waste and how its going to last for thousands of years), and I have been told this by alien beings out there from another world, and I am getting messages pretty often from them now, and its hard to live…

(Talks about making a living and not making money with this, of traveling to talk to different audiences for expenses only but not) making my livelihood and suffering many hardships but its something I am destined to do and I can’t change it and I am going to have to keep bringing these messages, I have no other choice… (talks about his upbringing and growing in Jones County as a devout Baptist, going to church, prayer meetings, etc.) We simply believed in a Heaven and a Hell and we didn’t think about life out there, it wasn’t taught to us… Its hard to tell you these things but its real, I believe in God, I believe in a supreme being but I also believe that in all its greatness he not only created this world but he created also all those other worlds out there in this universe in even the ones beyond this universe, and I believe a supreme being whom I call God created all this… but you’ll find out that in 1992 that we are going to be visited by alien beings from another world, they don’t mean us any harm, they are not going to interfere, they live in a world where are no diseases, there are no wars…

(ends by talking about expenditures in building the military for wars while people are starving and how there could be peace on this Earth and eventually it will be that way).

Pascagoula (Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker)

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El text de la “cinta secrèta”:

CALVIN: Tengo que volver a casa e irme a la cama o tomar alguna pastilla para los nervios, o ver al médico o algo. No puedo soportarlo. Estoy a punto de volverme medio loco.

CHARLIE: Te digo que cuando pasemos esto te daré algo para solucionarlo y que puedas conseguir algo de maldito sueño.

CALVIN: No puedo dormir todavía así. Estoy cerca de volverme loco.

CHARLIE: Mira Calvin, cuando te sacaron, cuando nos sacaron de aquella cosa, maldita cosa

Con su voz ascendiendo, Calvin dijo, “Mis malditos brazos, mis brazos, recuerdo que ellos los congelaron y no me podía mover. Como si hubiera pisado una serpiente de cascabel.”

“No lo hicieron así conmigo”, suspiró Charlie.

Ahora ambos hombre empiezan a hablar como para sí mismos.

CALVIN: Perdí el conocimiento. Espero que nunca lo pierda el resto de mi vida.

CHARLIE: Nunca he visto nada como aquello en toda mi vida. No puedes hacer que la gente lo crea.

CALVIN: No quiero quedarme sentado aquí. Quiero ver a un doctor.

CHARLIE: Mejor que despierten y empiecen a creer… mejor que despierten y empiecen a creer.

CALVIN: ¿Viste como se levantó la maldita puerta?

CHARLIE: No sé como se abrió, hijo. No lo sé.

CALVIN: Simplemente se recolocó, y como aquellos hijos de puta – simplemente como si salieran.

CHARLIE: Lo sé. No puedes creerlo. No puedes hacerlo creer a la gente.

CALVIN: Estaba paralizado justo entonces. No me podía mover.

CHARLIE: No lo creerán. Creerán uno de estos días, puede que demasiado tarde. Sabía todo el tiempo que había gente de otros mundos allí. Lo sabía todo el tiempo. Nunca pensé que me sucedería esto.

CALVIN: Sabes que no bebo.

CHARLIE: Lo sé, hijo. Cuando llegua a casa me voy a poner otro trago, me hace dormir. Mira, ¿para qué estamos sentados? Voy a ir a contarle a Blanche… ¿a qué estamos esperando?

CALVIN (con pánico): Voy a ir a casa. Estoy enfermo. Voy a salir de aquí.

Entonces Charlie se levantó y abandonó la habitación, quedándose Calvin sólo.

CALVIN: Es difícil de creer… Oh Dios, es terrible… Sé que hay un Dios allá arriba…

Case Review – Pascagoula

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In the fall of 1973, two men fishing in Jackson County, Mississippi, were startled the appearance of a strange craft on the riverbank. Three humanoid creatures emerged from the craft, taking at least one of the men aboard. Some 20 minutes later, the creatures deposited both men back on the shore where they were taken, and together with their craft, disappeared into thin air.

In the following weeks, the men underwent a series of investigations from police and UFO investigators, all of which served to confirm their story. The subsequent media coverage propelled the UFO issue onto the front pages, and popularized the previously unexplored phenomenon of alien abduction.

Alien Abductee, Calvin Parker Breaks Silence – Gives Rare Interview