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dilluns, 29/04/2019

Documental emitido por la 2 de TVE en 1997.

A lo largo de los años 80 y 90 países como Francia, Bélgica y Alemania, entre otros, se ven puestos en alerta debido a la oleada de avistamientos OVNI. Este documental aborda no solo dichas oleadas, también se centra en algunos de los casos más famosos a lo largo de los años en varios países del viejo continente, incluyendo a la misma y extinta URSS.

Consciousness field

dilluns, 29/04/2019

Researcher and author Grant Cameron encourages the UFO community to focus on consciousness science. He also exposing the US government’s longtime knowledge of, and ongoing interest in, consciousnesses phenomena related to UFO contact.

Grant Cameron:
We discovered this document that is declassified in 1978. This I believe is the most significant document in the whole UFO field because there’s absolutely no doubt that this document is legitimate. It’s in the archives in Ottawa in the Department of Transport files. There are draft copies in Wilbur Smith’s files–the guy who wrote the document… this document says, we’ve talked to American officials and they have told us the following items: flying saucers exist. It’s a highly classified subject in the United States, rated two points higher than the hydrogen bomb… the next line in the document that says we were also told by American officials that other things might be associated with the flying saucers such as “mental phenomena.”

The key part to that is now we know that aliens are telepathic. You have contactees, experiencers, abductees, etc. All these people are talking about aliens being telepathic. But in 1950 the first abductees would not be known until Betty and Barney Hill’s book came out in the 1960s. So the question is, how did the Americans know to tell the Canadians in this Top Secret memo that mental phenomena was part of the phenomenon?