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Faster than light

divendres, 31/05/2019

January 6, 1999

John Biretta
Space Telecsope Science Institute, Baltimore


Astronomers reported today discovering clouds which appear to
move many times faster than the speed of light, shooting out 
from the region of a black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy.  
These results help explain the nature of distant quasars and 
``BL Lac'' objects.

``We see almost a dozen clouds which appear to be moving out from the 
galaxy's center at between four and six times the speed of light.  
These are all located in a narrow jet of gas streaming out from the 
region of the black hole at the galaxy's center," said Dr. John Biretta 
of the Space Telescope Science Institute.  ``We believe this apparent
speed translates into an actual velocity just slightly below that of light

Biretta and his colleagues Duccio Macchetto, William Sparks, and 
Eric Perlman announced the results at a meeting of the American 
Astronomical Society in Austin, Texas.
The speeds reported are two to three times faster than the 
fastest motions previously recorded in M87, the only nearby 
galaxy to show evidence for superluminal motion. 
``This discovery goes a long way towards confirming that
radio galaxies, quasars and exotic BL Lac objects are basically 
the same beast, powered by super massive black holes, and differ 
only in orientation with respect to the observer," Biretta said.
``Here we have, for the first time, a fairly normal radio galaxy with 
both excellent evidence for a super-massive black hole, as well as 
superluminal jet speeds similar to those seen in distant quasars 
and BL Lac objects."

The result also represents a first for the Hubble Space Telescope.
``This is the first time superluminal motion has been seen
with any optical telescope, and this discovery was made possible by
the extremely fine resolution obtained by Hubble,'' said Macchetto.

The measurements compared observations made between 1994 and 1998 
with Hubble's Faint Object Camera. In those four years,
despite the astonishing speed involved, the clouds traveled only 
about one-tenth of an arcsecond across the sky -- or about the 
width of a human hair seen from 100 yards away.
``Current so-called `unified' models hypothesize that radio galaxies, 
quasars, and BL Lac objects are all the same type of object, but merely 
seen from different directions.  In the case of quasars and BL Lacs, we 
must be observing from a special direction where the jet is nearly
aimed at us.  For this orientation, effects related to Einstein's
theory of relativity cause the jet to appear very bright, move 
rapidly, and vary in brightness -- all properties associated with 
quasars and BL Lacs.  And in the more common radio galaxies the jet is 
hypothesized to be seen side-ways, so it appears relatively 
undistinguished.  ``Our discovery of fast superluminal speeds in M87, 
a fairly normal radio galaxy, essentially confirms the unified model," 
said Biretta.

The term `superluminal motion' is something of a misnomer.  While it 
accurately describes the speeds measured, scientists still believe the 
actual speed falls just below the speed of light.

``It's an illusion created by the finite speed of light and rapid motion," 
Biretta said.  ``Our present understanding is that this `superluminal motion' 
occurs when these clouds move towards Earth at speeds very close to that 
of light, in this case, more than 98 percent of the speed of light.  At 
these speeds the clouds nearly keep pace with the light they emit as they 
move towards Earth, so when the light finally reaches us, the motion appears 
much more rapid than the speed of light.  Since the moving clouds travel 
slightly slower than the speed of light, they do not actually violate 
Einstein's theory of relativity which sets light as the speed limit."

M87 is a faint [9th magnitude] galaxy about 50 million light
years distant in the constellation Virgo.  Its jet was first discovered 
in 1918 by an optical astronomer, Heber Curtis, who noticed a very faint
wisp of light extending outward from the center of the galaxy.
Decades later, radio telescopes were turned to this object, and
Curtis's slightly peculiar galaxy turned out to be one of the brightest 
sources of radio waves in the sky. Such galaxies with strong radio emission 
are termed ``radio galaxies'' and are now known to be fairly common.

The evidence for a super massive black hole at the center of M87 comes from 
spectroscopic observations made with HST by groups led by Drs. Holland Ford
(Johns Hopkins Univ.) and Duccio Macchetto.   Macchetto's group found there 
must be a mass of 3 billion solar masses within 10 light years of the center, 
which virtually rules out any explanation other than a black hole.

The details of how black holes form jets with speeds approaching
that of light are still unclear, but current models favor mechanisms where 
rotation of the accretion disk surrounding the black hole acts to twist-up the 
magnetic field lines much like a rubber band.  This energy is released by 
flinging material, probably thin clouds of electrons and positrons, down the 
field lines along the rotation axis, hence forming a narrow jet moving very 
nearly at the speed of light.

This work is made possible by grants from the National Aeronautics and 
Space Administration and European Space Agency.



The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic, 6/6

dijous, 30/05/2019

The Cosmic Combat Medic

Many of the alien abductees Barbara worked with have been able to integrate these experiences into their lives. They are able to lead by most standards, a “normal life.” This is due to the fact that Barbara, both in and out of regression, was able to heal and nurture these people. If an abductee had a particularly frightening and painful experience, a short discussion with Barbara over the phone would suffice in most cases to bring the abductee back to an even keel. It is not for nothing that Barbara was known as “Mother Abigail” amongst some abductees and milabs. Mother Abigail was the character in the Stephen King saga “The Stand.” Barbara led a multi-faceted life: She was an ordained minister that presided over the wedding ceremonies of Bikers. She was a former runway model. She and her husband Bob were both highly regarded artists who had been written about in local newspapers. Barbara had her own television program devoted to Art. Barbara and Bob owned an art gallery.

When Barbara gave one of her infrequent lectures, she played videos of some of the abductees she worked with. She allowed the abductees to relate their own story in their own way. Barbara didn’t guide or coach the abductees she worked with in any way. This was a very powerful technique. The audience heard accounts of alien abductions unfiltered and undiluted, straight from the people who had actually undergone the experiences. Unlike many of the “big name” abduction researchers who systematically censor the accounts of the abductees they work with especially in regards to reptilian abductions and encounters with the military, Barbara allowed the abductees to come to their own conclusions about their experiences. Barbara had a wonderful sense of humour.  She described herself as “The Lucy Ricardo of Abduction Researchers.” Barbara’s mannerisms and idiosyncrasies is part of the lore amongst people who knew her well. “Barbie” would give a shriek of delight the moment she recognized your voice on the phone. When an abductee was relating an experience or a “dream” to Barbara, they knew that when Barbara gasped, the abductee just said something of extreme significance. Barbara used to hire a private plane and would fly over suspected cattle mutilation sites. She spoke with ranchers and farmers whose animals had been mutilated. At one time Barbara was the research assistant of noted UFO researcher Jacques Vallee.

I remember when Barbara and I were fellow speakers at a UFO Conference in Memphis Tennesee. I was late arriving at the lecture hall. The moment I arrived Barbara had just stepped out of the lecture hall and into the foyer. She held both hands over her heart centre and said to me. “She’s filling the whole auditorium with reptilian energy!”  The “she” in this instance was a well known “channeller” of a discarnate entity that had nothing but contempt for the human race. I replied “I want to see! I want to see!” So we grasped one another’s elbow and entered the lecture hall together. The auditorium was indeed filled with reptilian energy.

You could feel the icky tingly energy from the top row.  We made our way side by side down the aisle until we found a pair of seats in the front row. Still holding each other’s arms, we sat and prepared ourselves for the reptilian propaganda onslaught that was sure to come. The both of us consciously focused on erecting psychic barriers to protect ourselves. Whenever the channeller mentioned something that was blatantly propagandistic in nature, Barbara would turn her head to me with her eyes wide open and a grim smile set on her jaw line. Our eyes would lock momentarily and then we would both turn to face the channeller on the stage. At times Barbara would grip my arm tighter when a wave of negative energy would pass over us. It was amazing the amount of negative reptilian energy this one channeller was emitting. I shudder to think the affect this negative energy had on unsuspecting members of the audience. Even though it was not the first time I was exposed to high intensity reptilian energy from a speaker at a UFO Conference, it was the first time I felt it with Barbie by my side. I can say that it was reassuring to have her next to me.  Barbara was subsequently attacked at that conference by negative entities during her sleep in her bedroom. She showed me a huge bluish-purple bruise on her solar plexus and her side that had materialized overnight. Despite the severity of the bruising, Barbara felt no discomfort in the discolored area. The late Vance Davis, an old friend of mine and another speaker at that conference, saw the huge bruise on Barbara’s side and solar plexus area.

Barbara Bartholic was a true spiritual warrior.  Barbara had few equals and no superiors in the field of alien abduction research. Space prevents me from going into detail about all of the spiritual warfare Barbara and her family had endured as a result of her work. Barbara always felt she endangered her family by delving into these matters. Barbara was often quoted as saying she has spent the last thirty years “warring with the reptilian aliens.” Despite it all, Barbara never lost her sense of humour or her deep and abiding love for humanity and especially the abductees she worked with. One more story about Barbara’s special status will suffice to give the reader an idea of the lengths the reptilians would go to undermine Barbara and her family: Barbara and her husband Bob were restoring a yacht. It was a labour of love and they had spent a lot of time and money working on this yacht to make it both seaworthy and first class as far as creature comforts is concerned. One day while Barbara and her husband were in town, three flying saucers hovered over this yacht and set in on fire. This was witnessed by some of her neighbors. This happened in broad daylight. Barbara and her husband Bob were heartbroken to say the least. This is just one of numerous examples of direct alien interference in the lives of Barbara and her family.

 Most of all I will remember Barbara’s loving nature, compassion, empathy, intuitive ability and sense of humour.  She helped me overcome many challenges. She provided me with wise and timely counsel and always encouraged me in my own research efforts.  Barbara established a standard of excellence for alien abduction research.  Her passing was a grievous blow to those of us who knew her and loved her.  Barbara Bartholic has left a legacy in the form of dedicated hard-working protégés who continue to honour her memory and who continue to pass on the knowledge Barbara had spent over thirty years compiling. Barbara’s protégés continue to break new ground in alien abduction research.

The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic, 5/6

dijous, 30/05/2019

Heaven’s Gate

 After the alleged mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate Cult in an affluent suburb of North County San Diego California, many UFO Researchers and Celebrity Abductees began grandstanding on television news programs. The UFO researchers and Celebrity Abductees expressed misgivings and whined about how groups such as Heaven’s Gate “discredited” the UFO Community. They lamented the fact that Heaven’s Gate was even associated with the subject of UFOs. It is still an open question whether the Heaven’s Gate members committed suicide en masse or were “suicided.” The news programs that interviewed the mostly mainstream UFO researchers and celebrity abductees should have interviewed Barbara Bartholic because Barbara had spent two months with the Heaven’s Gate group before they were called by that name.

“Bo” and “Peep” (Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles) allowed Barbara unrestricted access to themselves and the Heaven’s Gate group for two months. Barbara realized that the members of this cult were extraordinarily intelligent people. Some of them were world class computer scientists and mathematicians. Barbara also realized that “Bo” was a singularly strange individual who had some sort of alien intelligence working through him. Barbara observed how Bo seemed to have the ability to conjure small tornados. Barbara witnesses a lot of unusual phenomena in and around the person of Bo. Bo seemed to have the ability to read another person’s Mind. Barbara experienced this herself. Bo seemed to anticipate what Barbara and others would say and oftentimes would give answers to questions before the questions were asked.

This then is the individual whom “serious” UFO researchers dismissed as a crackpot and attention seeker. In the exact same way that “Contactees” were dismissed by “serious researchers” in the past, today’s crop of “serious” researchers likewise dismissed out of hand the possibility that the Heaven’s Gate Cult and it’s leader Marshall Applewhite a.k.a. “Bo” could have been under the control of a non-human intelligence. Indeed that thought NEVER occurred to them. As a postscript to the Heaven’s Gate story I will relate what the second director of the San Diego UFO Society, Rob Baldwin told me: Rob was told by a neighbor of the Heaven’s Gate Cult (who wished to remain anonymous) that the day after the cult committed suicide (or was suicided), in the early morning hours, a Flying Saucer hovered over the Heaven’s Gate estate and sent a blue beam of light down into the house.

The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic, 4/6

dimecres, 29/05/2019

 Underground Processing Plants

The first time I heard about the Underground Processing Plants was at the historic International UFO Congress in the Showboat in Las Vegas Nevada in 1993. I attended a lecture by Dr. Karla Turner. During this lecture “Kandy” discussed a number of findings developed by herself and Barbara Bartholic. The most unsettling information concerned the testimony of numerous abductees who described being in an underground facility controlled by ETs, usually Greys and Reptilians. Abductees would be forced to dismember human body parts with meat cleavers from corpses that were coming down a conveyor belt. The abductees were horrified at what they and others were forced to do. They were often supervised by the Greys. Kandy described how the abductees observed in these facilities were absolutely disconsolate and terrified of the implications of what they were involved in. Human body parts were heaped in huge piles. This information paralleled some of the information brought out of Dulce by Thomas Costello, the Rand Security Specialist who had escaped “Section D” (Dulce Underground Base in Northern New Mexico) and became a fugitive. Kandy was always quick to point out that it was an open question whether the “processing plants” were real or if they were a Virtual Reality Scenario (VRS) imposed upon the abductees by the aliens. If the latter were true, then what was the ultimate purpose behind the VRS of the “processing plants?” Later after I became a close associate of Barbara’s she described to me her work in “UFO Invasion Areas.” UFO Invasion Areas were places where literally hundreds of people, sometimes the occupants of entire blocks of residences, were taken in mass abductions.

In one particular UFO Invasion area, the abductees were often taken to an underground reptilian base. Within this base, abductees witnessed humans held in captivity as well as the aforementioned “processing facilities.” Many of the abductees who observed the captive humans in the underground reptilian bases believed the humans were a food source for the reptilians.

Part of Barbara’s work in this UFO Invasion Area involved infiltrating a commune run by a well known “Spiritual Guru” who channeled a “benevolent” spiritual being. All the members of this commune had to give up all of their worldly possessions in order to join. Barbara stressed that the members of this commune were by and large, affluent people such as attorneys, doctors, educators, business owners and the like. Many of these people in the commune were also being abducted by the reptilians and taken underground. Barbara believed that this surface level Spiritual Guru Operation was actually a “front” for what the reptilians were doing underground. On one occasion, Barbara sat in the audience as the Guru instructed the members to put on blindfolds and sit quietly in the audience as this guru walked up and down the aisles. At one point, Barbara pulled up her blindfold and tilted her head back and noticed this guru walking down a nearby aisle scrutinizing each and every member of her commune as she passed. To Barbara’s astonishment the “Guru” had glowing red eyes! Barbara quickly pulled the blindfold back on and sat bolt upright. She heard the Guru walk right by her. Later the Guru discovered that Barbara had infiltrated her group. Moreover, this Guru learned Barbara had performed hypnotic regressions on a number of people in her group and had thoroughly debriefed them once out of regression. This Guru sent thugs after Barbara to intimidate her and demanded that Barbara turn over ALL the videotapes of the hypnotic regressions otherwise Barbara “would never make it onto the plane and go back to Tulsa.” Barbara described these thugs as coming right out of the movie “Deliverance” with Burt Reynolds. Barbara was forced to hand over many hours worth of VHS tapes of abductees in and out of regression. She held her hands about three feet apart to indicate the number of video tapes she was forced to hand over in order to get on the plane and return safely to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Barbara managed to save ONE videotape from her trip to this “UFO Invasion Area” and she allowed me to watch it. The information contained therein, straight from the mouths of the abductees she worked with, was unsettling to say the least.

The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic, 3/6

dimecres, 29/05/2019

The Crystal Meth/Crank/Ecstasy Connection

Barbara pioneered research into the Crystal Meth Connection. “Crank” is a derivative of crystal meth and is quite common in many parts of America. Through my own research, I’ve found that Ecstasy is a key component of the reptilian behaviour modification program. Crystal meth and Ecstasy use can eventually lead to the process known as “hosting” wherein a human abductee is partially or completely taken up as a host by one or more negative entities. Crystal Meth has a “sympathetic resonance” with a variety of negative entities, including but not limited to reptilians, snake entities, demons and some of the Greys. In her personal dealings with abductees, some of whom were crystal meth users, negative entities would literally take over the abductee and say menacing things to Barbara. Barbara has sometimes observed the abductee’s face or eyes morph or “shapeshift” during these episodes. A variation of the Crystal Meth Agenda is the aforementioned Ecstasy “Rave” agenda.  In a future treatise I will elaborate on the dynamics of the Rave agenda. Suffice it to say for now that Ecstasy lowers the frequency of users and long term use leads to lower back pain which becomes a doorway for negative entities to enter first through the auric field and then into the body. In conjunction with the type of music being played, the Ecstasy removes the inhibitions of the users. This results in a variety of different entities such as greys, reptilians and snake entities taking up ravers as hosts. The location of the raves becomes an anchor in this reality for these negative entities. I must point out that Pharmaceutical Drugs also play a role in the reptilian-archontic agenda. Certain pharmaceuticals lower the bio-energetic frequency of the user and also impair cognitive function. These two “side effects” alone will open gateways for negative entities to manipulate and in many cases assume control of a human.

The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic, 2/6

dimecres, 29/05/2019

The Breed out the Love Program

Barbara learned abductees, sometimes mere children are manipulated to feel the extremes of emotions. This goes far beyond the guilt the ETs impose upon abductees such as manipulating them into believing they have triggered a thermonuclear war in the dreamscape and are responsible for the deaths of countless humans and other life forms. After one of these dreamscape manipulations an abductee can wake up sobbing into the pillow. This is bad enough. What amounts to gladiatorial contest between humans including children will be staged by the ETs. The unwilling participants are mind controlled to feel extreme rage towards their fellow abductee and are pitted against one another in these scenarios. Barbara worked with teenagers who described this process.  Children and teenagers are basically abused by the ETs in order to engender feelings of anger, fear, pain and rage within them.

Barbara referred to this form of Behaviour Modification as the “Breed out the Love” program of the negative ETs. Is there any doubting that at least some children today exhibit aberrant and at times pathological tendencies? Bullying is at an all-time high. Combined with the dreadful habit of psychiatrists prescribing anti-depressants and anti-psychotics and the baneful effects of violent video games and movies, a significant percentage of children are primed to be violent sociopaths and psychopaths.  Some children, due to a preponderance of reptilian or Draco DNA are particularly vulnerable to this type of programming.

The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic, 1/6

dimecres, 29/05/2019

The Drama of the Love Obsession

An aspect of the alien abduction syndrome that has affected countless alien abductees is what Barbara referred to as “The Drama of the Love Obsession.” My colleague, Eve Lorgen, herself a protégé of Barbara Bartholic refers to this syndrome as “The Alien Love Bite.” The Drama of the Love Obsession underscores much of the darker aspects of the alien abduction syndrome. The abductees are put through the extremes of emotion: Love, Hate, Jealousy, Resentment and a variety of other feelings are intensified by the ETs in order to siphon off the energies and emotions from the abductees.  During this process, the ETs strive to program the behaviour of the abductee. The lives of abductees enmeshed in the Love Obsession are manipulated in such a way as to extract the maximum amount and variety of emotions. Unrequited Love is one such emotion. The abductee feels as if he or she is being emotionally rung out like a wet rag because he or she cannot consummate the love the abductee feels for the other targeted person. Sometimes this all-consuming feeling of love is not reciprocated by the other person. It is not unusual for the two abductees undergoing this experience to be separated by hundreds or thousands of miles thus complicating their situation. Oftentimes the abductees going through this are left in a state of emotional and physical exhaustion and despair. These feelings are intensified due to the psychic and at times telepathic bond between the two targeted partners. They feel one another’s emotions and intuit one another’s thoughts.  Astral Sex between the two abductees is often reported. From an emotional and energetic standpoint, astral sex tends to enmesh the two targeted partners even more than physical sex. This is especially the case if the two partners are separated by a distance or if they are already in a committed relationship. The residual feelings and emotions after astral sex will be amplified as soon as the targeted partners resume communications either by telephone, cell phone texting, emails or in chat rooms. All of the latter forms of communication are energetic conduits.

In this state, the abductees are particularly susceptible to spiritual warfare attacks.  It is axiomatic amongst alien abduction researchers that “the ETs are studying human emotions” but what exactly does this mean in practice? In her research, Barbara always emphasized the importance of understanding how alien abductions impact the people involved.

Robert Schroeder

dimarts , 28/05/2019

Robert L. Schroeder is the author of the book “Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs”.

Línea telefónica especial: 116000

dilluns, 27/05/2019

El número 116000, gratuito y confidencial, funciona en toda España. La línea, coordinada con la Policía, trata de brindar apoyo psicológico, técnico y jurídico a las familias con un niño desaparecido.

Lost Child

diumenge, 26/05/2019

250.000 niños desaparecen cada año en la Unión Europea, uno cada dos minutos. Unos datos de la Comisión Europea reveladores y preocupantes que toman especial protagonismo el 25 de mayo, Día Internacional de los Niños Perdidos.

Una fecha que conmemora el regreso de aquellos niños desaparecidos que regresaron a sus casas, que recuerda a todos aquellos que han sido víctimas de crímenes y que tiene como objetivo aunar esfuerzos para recuperar a muchos de esos menores de los que no se vuelve a saber nada.

La desaparición de niños se divide en diferentes categorías: secuestros parentales, huida, secuestro de un niño por otras personas, niños desaparecidos después de desastres naturales, menores no acompañados, retención ilícita de un niño y desapariciones no definidas.

Según el Informe Anual de Niños Perdidos en Europa, solo un 2,5% de los casos de menores desapa-recidos denunciados implican secuestros criminales de terceros.

Por otro lado indica que en los casos de huida los niños son nueve veces más propensos a contemplar la posibilidad de un suicidio y que este tipo de desaparición supone un 50% de las denuncias a las líneas telefónicas dedicadas a este ámbito.

El documento, asimismo, asegura que en una de cada seis huidas, el fugitivo pasa la noche a la intem-perie, que uno de cada ocho roban para sobrevivir y que uno de cada 12 corren un serio riesgo de sufrir algún tipo de abuso.

En 2014, en España se registraron cerca de 700 casos de niños perdidos, mientras que durante el primer semestre de ese año se realizaron más de 7.000 denuncias.

Unas cifras que han aumentado en los últimos tiempos en diferentes países de la Unión Europea. En Alemania 100.000 niños desaparecen al año, otros 140.000 en Reino Unido (383 al día). Por otro lado, en Estados Unidos hubo 466.949 casos de niños perdidos en 2014.