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Passport to The Cosmos

diumenge, 11/08/2019

Matt Lauer asked Dr. Mack,

“Why would it benefit me to read these people’s stories in this book?”

“The purpose of doing this work,” Dr. Mack replied, “is to open us to the idea that the universe may be vastly more interesting, containing entities, energies, beings that we did not know existed. When we open that consciousness, we open to a larger reality. We’re not simply Earth-bound in our consciousness as if we were the top intelligence in the cosmos. We come more modestly to realize we are in connection with energies, beings, whatever it may be that is beyond ourselves. And that would be a very healthy development for this species, it seems to me.”

On that theme, Dr. Mack replied to radio host Bob Hieronimus’ inquiry about why he chose the title Passport to the Cosmos.

“Passport is a word used to maintain borders between countries. These experiences, by cracking open that ethno-national bias or restricted consciousness, if you will, that mistaken identity that we are simply members of a certain country, people discover they are citizens of a much larger reality, of a cosmic reality.

They are citizens of universal experience. And the universe is not particularly concerned with white people, black people, Americans versus Russians – the universe as far as I can tell is not dividing itselfthat way. The idea of the title is that this experience can expand our sense of who we are beyond our national prejudices.”