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The Kim Carlsberg case

dimarts , 27/08/2019

Kim Carlsberg, is a true pioneer in the ongoing efforts to the rapidly approaching Disclosure of the UFO / Extraterrestrial reality, and end to the governmental truth embargo of fifty years. Her bravery and sacrifice are appreciated by thousands of others who’s lives were shattered in the wake of “contact”. Kim was not only one of the first women to openly speak about the hybridization program within the alien abduction phenomenon, but went on to powerfully, visually illustrate the depth and complexity of her many contacts, through vivid color, in her first book: “Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee”, published in 1995. The result stands unique amid the abduction writings of the time.
There was little known, or written about alien abduction in the 1980’s. Pre-internet, researching a subject that was barely known or named, was tantamount to a scavenger hunt. Kim’s courage and commitment to uncovering and sharing the truth of her haunting encounters cost her immensely. Striving to maintain sanity in her “normal” life that became battered with extreme heights of anguish, mental exhaustion and sleep deprivation, was monumentally challenging. But with the help of a few close friends, Kim was not only able to manage, but to eventually become one of the most credible witnesses to the most incredible phenomenon on Earth.

Kim Carlsberg lifts herself above such criticism and openly admits that she has not only been abducted, but has several hybrid alien/human children.

Kim has already written one book about her abduction experience; Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee (Bear & Co., 1995). Now she has put together an anthology of other peoples’ contact experiences in a new book entitled, The Art of Close Encounters.