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How will disclosure happen?

dilluns, 24/09/2018

La veritat sobre els Aliens que visiten la Terra finalment serà revelada. Els custodis de secrets estan revelant gradualment aquesta informació a través d’un procés d’aclimatació.


The purpose of this site is to present to the public information that has been released


Test d’Autoevaluació

dissabte, 18/08/2018

Test de Autoevaluación de Corrado Malanga

para detectar y posteriormente solucionar el grave problema de la abducción.

1. Has perdido alguna vez sangre por uno de los orificios nasales (cuál)?
2. Has tenido alguna vez molestias/disturbios, como sonidos extraños, zumbidos, en un solo oído (cuál)?
3. Tienes cicatrices en el cuerpo, que no recuerdas como te las hiciste?
4. Has tenido crisis depresivas?
5. Has soñado alguna vez con una persona igual a tí, (una copia tuya)?
6. Te has sentido alguna vez como si provinieras físicamente de otro planeta o lo has soñado alguna vez?
7. Has encontrado objetos fuera de lugar, sea en tu cuerpo(anillos, collares, piercing, etc), sea en el ambiente donde vives?
8. Has alguna vez soñado que alguien introdujese algo en tu cavidad nasal, en tu oído, en un ojo o en tus genitales?
9. Has visto o soñado con un ser diferente a nosotros?
Si así es:

a)qué altura tenía?
b)cómo estaba vestido?
c)qué olor tenía?
d)cuántos dedos tenía y cómo eran?
e)se ha comunicado contigo?

10. Te has despertado alguna vez con la piel manchada de amarillo?
11. Has tenido alguna vez la impresión de no reconocer algún conocido tuyo o de no reconocerte a tí mismo (de sentirte físicamente diferente), con subsiguiente brevísima crisis de identidad?
12.Has soñado alguna vez con tener un hijo que no era de este mundo?

Coscienza – Consapevolezza

dimecres, 18/07/2018

No és fàcil definir Corrado Malanga. Es podria dir que és un científic que estudia cert tipus de fenòmens en una determinada categoria d’éssers humans, o podem dir també que és un ésser humà que estudia de forma científica una determinada categoria de fenòmens.
En el primer cas, Corrado Malanga estudia els casos de qui creu que ha estat “segrestat” per éssers vius d’origen extraterrestre. En el segon cas Corrado Malanga s’entreté entre els pels plecs del temps i de l’espai buscant l’origen de l’home i de l’univers. Tot plegat passa, en tot cas, a través de les sessions d’hipnosi regressiva a les quals se sotmeten les persones que experimentes les abduccions extraterrestres.
La desconfiança natural que suscita un tema com aquest pot dificultar una apreciació serena de la tasca realitzada per Malanga: hi ha en el món milers de persones que creuen que han estat abduïdes pels aliens, i junts constitueixen una realitat impossible d’evacuar com una simple fantasia de la ment humana. Una quantitat considerable de controls creuats juntament amb nombrosos testimonis tangibles ens permeten avui dir que aquestes persones, en la seva immensa majoria, han viscut realment les experiències que descriuen.


The purpose of this site is to present to the public information that has been released

Malanga: tipologies…

dimecres, 11/07/2018

Dr. Corrado Malanga is a researcher professor and teacher in Organic Chemistry in the University of Pisa.

He’s been studying UFO and aliens for the last 40 years. He is currently interested in the matters concerning the Alien Abductions, which he studies through the use of Regressive Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Academic Career: Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in 1969 and graduated in chemistry in 1977 at the University of Pisa with an experimental thesis on the Chemistry of indol core.

Encara més cafè

dimecres, 27/06/2018
Màxim Serranos Soler | Luxemburg


Han passat prou mesos des de la meva darrera entrada sobre cafès i esmorzars a Luxemburg: presento, per tant, un nou lliurament de descripcions sobre aquesta beguda universal i els establiments de la ciutat que s’hi consagren.


Nou Paradigma (8/8)

dilluns, 25/06/2018


— [Terje] Are we part of a silent universal interaction
that has been going on for eons?
Could there be something in the human genes that carries the echos
of alien ancestors?
Is this why we seemingly are being monitored like children in a playground?
Is this why the UFO activity escalated after the first atomic bomb?
Do we as a species represent a value beyond our wildest imagination?
And when are we ready to be informed?

— The disclosure is going to happen very soon.
Now there are very potential positive implications of that
and then there also is a dark downside to that
if it’s not handled with wisdom.
One concern I have is that  there must be great discernment exercised
not just by the leadership of our governments,
but also among the population in general,
when suddenly our society is confronted
with the fact that there are advanced cultures here
and what the implications are for our interaction.
And even if those who
appear in our midst
have only benevolent intentions,
and truly want only to uplift humanity
and assist us at this very crucial time in our planet’s history,
there will be the temptation
for those who are already in the material seats of power
in human institutions on this planet,
who will likely try
to distort this opportunity
to enhance and entrench their own control and material power.
And all that is, it’s a continued extension of the same ego disease
of the separation mentality
that has plagued humanity ever since we learned how to say hello to each other.
So we have to call for great discernment
and that means that people need to become educated.
We need to understand that our source is the same.

— Erwin Schrodinger, who was the father of quantum mechanics and particle wave theory,
stated 100 years ago or so,
that the total number of minds in the universe is one.
And in fact, the consciousness is a singularity,
phasing within all beings.
And this is also the heart of compassion of the Buddha,
and the source of the oneness spoken of in spirit in all the religious traditions.
And Native American traditions.
And I think that we are going to have to return to a very deep
spiritual understanding of what it means to be a conscious being,
to be able to not only live on this planet peacefully,
and not blow each other up over sectarian differences,
but also to go into space.
Because when you look into the eyes of an extraterrestrial life form,
they may be very different from us in many ways,
but if you see that that being is conscious
and the light of that conscious spirit is the same as the conscious light within yourself,
then you can find some common basis.
And so, if we understand the single source of the origins of our conscious being,
this is true not only for humans,
but it’s also true, very much true for these visitors.
They understand that.
Because you cannot travel at multiples of the speed of light
without crossing the light barrier
and when you do, you enter into this area
that the mystics used to call the etheric astral conscious realm.
And so you’re dealing with civilizations who understand that.
And I think that is the big test of our civilization at this time,
is that we understand that deeply enough
that it really does change our paradigm.
And when we do, we’re not gonna be blowing each other up
because of different interpretations of this Bible or this Koran or this
religious figure, or what have you.
We’re gonna understand that we really are all one people in the entire cosmos.
That universal consciousness and universal understanding,
to me, is the thing that will truly transform life on this planet and
is the next big leap in human development.

(dramatic piano music)

— [Terje] When the children of tomorrow
open their textbooks on human history,
what will they read about?
Will it be the story of how the Catholic Church
imprisoned Galileo for supporting radical theories?
Will it be the story of how the scientific communtiy
laughed at the idea of flying machines
even years after the Wright brothers
demonstrated their first airplane?
Or will it be the story of how the world openly ignored an extraterrestrial presence?
Will the children of tomorrow laugh at us for being blind
just as we easily laugh at those who firmly believed the earth was flat?
Will they speak of us as the people of the old world?
The last age of solitude?
The day before disclosure?

(dramatic piano music)

In an age of decadence
We seek religious
evidence, disturbin’
Chained to what our fear allows
Cannot see the sky for clouds
in silence
Impatience evolves

(dramatic piano music)

Our most important point in time
But the comfort of this paradigm
concerns me
So separated from our own
I don’t care to whom you pray
As long as you leave me alone
I can’t stand this indifference anymore
I’m standing where the storm
crashes in
From its home across the sea
In the rain prayin’ for
The eclipse of you and me
But the nations are blind
To these visions of mine
So I’ll wait til the stars
I’ll have to wait til the stars
I’ll wait til the stars

(dramatic piano music)
(dramatic orchestra music)

(wind whirring)
(dramatic orchestra music)
(loud breathing)

– [Man] Houston, this is Discovery.
We still have the alien spacecraft (mumbles)
(dramatic orchestra music)
(electronic beeping)
(rockets blasting)
(electronic buzzing)
(engines droning)
(electronic buzzing)
(dramatic orchestra music)
(electronic buzzing)

Nou Paradigma (7/8)

diumenge, 24/06/2018

– The first thing I recalled was seeing three fingers and a thumb
on hand come towards me
to pull me out of the van.
I was more than a little frightened.
I was quite traumatized by it.
I was very awake, sitting up,
and had no reference for this.
I was removed from the van.
My friend remained asleep beside me.
And as I stood at the end of the van,
there was a being that I could not look at, a very tall,
what felt very large and very tall being standing in front of me,
but I was not able to raise my head to look up.
On each side of me there was what I’ve since come to understand
is referred to as grays, one on each side of me.
My hands were hanging down at my sides and,
they were, without touching me,
with their hands underneath me, they were levitating me somehow off the ground,
about five or six inches.
I was fairly paralyzed, not able to look around.
I could look down and see one at each side of me.
And we began to move forward.

– They go through a period where they’re kind of calmed down, they’re put on a table,
and certain examinations take place,
certain procedures.
Very often there are areas of skin removed, leaving a little circular scar,
and depth, what you call scoop marks.
We don’t know what they do with this flesh, but it’s taken.
And they’re often reproductive procedures which involve, with men,
sperm samples being taken.
And with women, needles which go in the abdomen
or in the vagina, but we believe this has to do with harvesting ova.

– Fetuses are implanted,
little tiny embryos.
Fetuses are removed.
This is standard material.
This is standard stuff.
They’re taken off the table, they’re taken into another room,
they might see a bunch of babies in the other room.
They have to hold the baby.
Women have to feed the baby sometimes.
They might be taken into a room where they see,
well let me just say that the babies that they see are strange looking babies.
They look sorta like half human, half alien.
Sometimes they look more human actually.
But still, odd.
They’re taken into a room where they see toddlers sometimes.
Kids who are maybe two, three, four years old.
Who are playing with some toys.
They play with the children.
Play with the toys, the toys are unusual toys.
They have these neurological staring procedures
with the children who will look into their eyes very closely.
They, might have other procedures
where they’ll see,
a room filled with
vats, jars I should say, containers, clear glass,
or clear plastic or whatever,
containers with fetuses in them,
in different stages of development.
They will have all sorts of other procedures that are,
that happen to them.
They’re then taken back to their normal environment,
put back where they were on the couch
watching the television or whatever.
And they forget immediately what happened to them.
All they know is that they,
they were watching one television show and not only is that show over,
but the next two shows are over with as well.
And they’re still sitting there and maybe they still,
they put the can of beer in their hand,
they still have the can of beer
in their hand and they figure what happened?
And then they just forget it.
Can’t explain it and they just move on.

– [Budd] One person described a drawing,
of the table, she didn’t put anybody on the table,
but she described the aliens around the table.
The regular little aliens were about her size.
She was, I don’t know, she was maybe eight or something.
But there was this one tall one.
And that’s usually the one who’s sort of the, one in charge.

– [Terje] Drawings of abductors have been made by many abductees,
where the large eyes and the small cheek
seems to be typical characteristics for the so-called gray alien,
named after the skin tone.

– See, one of the interesting things about this
is that all the evidence we get
confirms the reality of this
over and over again.
It doesn’t dis-confirm it.

– [Terje] The so-called hybrids,
allegedly a blend of human beings and gray aliens
is today reported in a majority of the cases investigated.

– [Budd] Alien eyes but with…
Of a little girl, it was the alien hybrid child.

– [Terje] A hybrid child.
– Yeah.
And what’s interesting again,
the eyes are very peculiar.
The hair was not combed or brushed,
didn’t really cover the head properly.
So what it seemed to be was that there was a program
where people were picked up again and again and again
as if they had been studied,
they were being studied over their lifetimes
and they were sort of automatically part of a program
which was genetic in function.
It seems that we discovered that if a person
was having abduction experiences and had children,
of his or her own,
normal human children,
that often those children would also, in turn,
become abductees, as if the aliens were studying
a particular bloodline
for perhaps psychological reasons,
emotional reasons.
We don’t know exactly why,
but they seem very interested in the way the minds
worked of these people.
The emotions, they don’t seem to have the emotions that we have.
And it was as if they wanted to kind of learn
our range of emotion somehow.
It seems as if in a strange way we’re teaching them,
without being asked to.
It’s involuntary teaching,
but we’re being examples,
as if they want the richness of the human spirit
and the human emotional life,
to be somehow
blended with their own incredible,
technological gifts.

– I really understood that they covet
and envy the emotional makeup of humanity.
They can’t,
find it in their testing.
They’re trying to find it,
like we do, like on this planet.
Animal behaviorists,
as they study animals,
will watch how they react in a maze.
They’re doing the same thing to us,
trying to find out what it is that motivates us.
What motivates motherly love?
What is this intangible thing?
They can’t find it
and they want it.
They’re frightened of it and
that’s why they subdue us,
because they realize that
it’s a volatile thing
and it’s unpredictable on one
hand, but on the other hand,
I believe they covet it.
In this particular experience, that came out.
And I began to try to define, and I said,
I got it, you want what we have.
This is what’s got
the species fascinated with us.
Why we are so incredibly different.
In this instance, I realized that we may be
on the forefront of something
that some other species are not.
So what if emotions are actually,
part of the highest evolution possible?
And perhaps we as humans
are the forefront of this
and we’re clumsy with it, we don’t know what to do with it in our evolution,
but instead of being behind
these other species who have none,
or almost no development,
maybe we’re at the head of the game.
Why would so many species be interested in Earth?
Why would so many species be interested
in humanity in this way?
Why, if we one of a billion planets,
or million, whatever planets that could be sustaining life,
why this little tiny, tiny little nothing planet?
Why would we have this kind of activity
if there wasn’t something special here?
I believe that may be it.

(eerie music tones)

– Another bizarre phenomenon
is reported from people who claim to have been in contact
with ETs and then detecting a small foreign object in their body
which is considered to be an implant.
The rare characteristics of these objects
led to a study by a medical doctor and surgeon.
After removing several of these considered implants,
and having them analyzed,
amazing results were presented.

– We found that the biology of the object,
I found the object is covered with biological membrane
which seems to prevent the human body from reacting
to it by any kind of a rejection or inflammation reaction.
We find that there’s absolutely no wound or portal of entry
or scar where these things entered the body.
And looking at the metallurgy,
we find things such as a meteoric iron.
We find the nickel iron ratios that are similar to meteorites.
They’ve been tested in numerous laboratories now,
Los Alamos National Labs,
New Mexico Tech, University Labs,
and many, many other laboratories.
In this last case,
in addition to that,
we find that there are structures
such as carbon nanotubes,
multi-rectangular sodium chloride crystals.
We find that there are
a list of elements,
says Americanium, Samarium,
a number of different elements that are not normally found.
We also find things like,
many numerous isotopic ratios
which indicate the material does not come from here.
And in addition to this, as an example,
we find that in existence by itself,
in this last object,
is Uranium 238,
which on the Earth
cannot exist by itself.
There’s both biological
and metallurgical evidence
here which is beyond
the shadow of a doubt,
most compelling and
indicates that the human race
is been and has been
for perhaps many years,
being interfered with by some
non-terrestrial intelligence.

– The way this thing looked,
when you looked up at it.

– [Terje] But are the abductions of people
only conducted by one particular group of aliens?
Are there other aliens groups
that contact individuals
on different basis?

– So I know of, I would say, at least 60
kinds of extraterrestrial beings
that have visited the people whom I work with.
And this information all comes through
the regressions that we have done.
Some beings come to be mentors to their human beings.
And by the way,
the beings seem to work with a person for the person’s lifetime.

– They looked very human.
Their hands were not,
their hands were very different though.
Their hands were, the fingers were much longer.
They were very, very thin.
Very long, a little bit longer necks.
They had white hair
and it sort of came up a little bit here into a V shape,
the hair, a little bit wavy.
And about shoulder length.
And they had quite large blue eyes.
A perfectly formed small nose
and smaller lips.
When I was on board the craft,
they gave me, these blond beings,
gave me information
that is relevant to our time on this earth right now.
And they gave me messages that they asked me
to share with really anyone who will listen.
They’re very specific for
humanity and how we have a choice
that the process in which we are evolving,
if we continue on the path that we’re on,
that it will be just, no choice,
it will become destructive.
It was explained to me
that they have been here in the past.
They have said, we have come in the past
to help in the process of change on the earth.
And we are here once again.
They have been here since the beginning of the creation of man
and that they are here to only assist in maintaining this earth,
protecting it from any
and all things that may harm it
and that includes us.
So when, if nuclear war were to try
and be brought upon the earth,
it will not happen.
They will stop it.
Because it would be the destruction of the earth.
So this is the only time that they will step in
on a grand scale is if great destruction were to happen to the earth itself
or to every human being on the planet.


Nou Paradigma (6/8)

dissabte, 23/06/2018

– And I call upon our government to open up,
like other governments have,
and you’ll hear about that this morning.

– [Terje] When CNN covered a press conference
in Washington D.C. in 2009,
where Dr. Edgar Mitchell
encouraged U.S. government
to release its UFO files,
the hope was that the issue finally
was given serious news coverage.

– [Reporter] Former Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell,
the sixth man to walk on the moon,
told the National Press Club
he’s convinced.
But there isn’t convincing proof that’s gonna convince the entire world at this point.

– That is correct, that is what we’re trying to open up.

– We’re about to go out do our little hoax.

– [Terje] But CNN chose to let two boys with air balloons
have just as much time in the report,
demonstrating how they managed to fool UFO believers.

– Again, we’re not trying to prove or disprove anything,
but it’s okay to be skeptical.

– (chuckling) Okay then. Jim, thank you very much indeed for that. Jim Acosta there.

– You bet.

– Well the role of the media
in the flying saucer phenomenon
is a very, very important one.
I think it’s very clear that,
in the United States at the very least,
that there were efforts
during the very earliest days
to try to get the media to basically dampen down expectations
and dampen down public enthusiasm
concerning extraterrestrial life
and the flying saucer phenomenon.
And this is actually documented.
And ever since that we have
seen many, many examples
of how the media
doesn’t really explore
or doesn’t really investigate flying saucer reports
and that various media
organs have been bought out
by the CIA, for example,
the National Enquirer
was actually bought out by a CIA asset,
who used it as a very clever way
to debunk flying saucer reports
by basically sensationalizing
it, making it part of a kind of tabloid media,
whereby serious media
investigators would not
do any research into
a flying saucer report
that had been in any way,
covered by the National Enquirer or these tabloids.
So that was a very clever piece of psychological warfare in my opinion to try
and get the mass media disinterested in the flying saucer phenomenon.

– So it’s a very, very complex issue.
The secrecy isn’t that hard to maintain if you have this sort of infiltration
into major institutions, media.
And also the ability simply
to float nonsensical
stories out there,
because people hear the word
UFO and extraterrestrial,
they think somebody from a trailer park in West Virginia,
who’s floated onboard a spacecraft,
had sex with someone from Mars,
and claims they have a baby in an incubator.
Or you know, just all kinds of nonsense.
The truth of it is actually more interesting.
The truth of the technologies
and the fact that the extraterrestrial technologies
are so advanced that they interface directly
with coherent thought.
Like we have coherent light in a laser,
the have technologies that interface with thought,
that interface with conscious mind.
The development of artificial intelligence
that’s integrated into these spacecraft is so advanced
that they pick up on a directed…
It’s fascinating
and this is what we’ve been experimenting with
and the whole paradigm becomes
a new paradigm of understanding the structure of the cosmos.
But most of the information that’s out in the public on this issue
has been a carnival of silliness.
And that keeps most serious people
sort of in the closet on it.

– [Terje] Is this the reason why so few scientists
engage in the UFO subject?
The fear of being associated with the silly side of the issue.
Is this also why it’s never commented on by astronomers
or by space organizations such as NASA.

– This is not just a simple civilian organization.
There’s a great military connection there
and there’s a lot of classified security clearances
involved in being able to work at NASA.
You can’t just stroll in there.
So these are people who fit a certain personality profile.
That is, they know how to follow orders,
they know how to keep their mouth shut,
and keep their head down and
their career will do just fine.
That’s how most people are who live in a bureaucratic world.
This is how secrets are kept.
There are open secrets that are kept
for years and years and years.
Because people agree just not to talk about it.
And I think that within NASA
this is very likely the case regarding the UFO issue.

– [Terje] But like Dr. Edgar Mitchell,
people retired from NASA
have commented on the issue.
Astronaut Gordon Cooper has told the world straight out
about encountering a UFO at close range
during his flight in the Mercury capsule in 1963.
And before he died, he also stated,
“For many years I have lived with a secret,
“in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics.
“I can now reveal that every day, in the USA,
“our radar instruments capture objects of form
“and composition unknown to us.”

– I would like to believe that we could
invite serious scientists into this arena,
because it will be changing the paradigm of science
as we know it.
We know that these craft are not traveling
with fossil fuel gas,
that there is a technology behind them,
that maybe this technology could help the earth
in renewable fuels.
If we could get scientists just to use that motivation
to look at the technology behind the craft,
then maybe we could invite science
to come and change the paradigm of,
of transportation,
of electromagnetism,
of all these really advanced technologies.
But we need to invite them.
I think too many are
afraid of ridicule.
Too many, I have encountered
many that are curious,
but are not willing to go public.
So we’re changing times now.
And for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and the future,
some scientists are going to have to take the risk.

– Well, it’s my hope that we open this whole issue up
and as I have said frequently,
we’re at a point in history where we have
to become a part of the neighborhood of inhabited planets,
rather like a neighborhood of a community,
which we have not even acknowledged
that that community exists up until this point.

(eerie horn music)

– [Terje] An event with the power
to institute a global revolution in technology,
communications, energy supply,
environmental concerns,
and even the way we regard
ourselves and our fellow beings.
A paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions
impacting nearly every part of our existence,
is this what we are facing?
And will we have to rewrite our entire human history?

– In the hallowed halls of,
national security agencies, and the Pentagon,
the top military,
top security people,
the top people know essentially this reality.
But the masses of people don’t.
And the people in authority,
the elite as it were,
the power brokers,
have desperately tried to keep the lid on this thing
because, Terje, it’s not simply
visitors from another planet or from another star
or another galaxy,
or even another dimension,
it’s not simply that.
It isn’t that simple.
We’ve learned over the years
that several of these intelligences
have been involved with us
from the beginning of human history.
And the evidence has been collected
that the human race
literally is a hybrid race
and that some of these
advanced intelligences
from wherever they’re from,
have been involved in genetically manipulating us
as a species from the beginning of our history.
Man is a hybrid.
From a lower order, we’ve been genetically manipulated
by advanced intelligences
into what we are.
Now that in itself is dynamite, for god’s sake.

(eerie horn music)

– And this brings us to one of the most bizarre sides
of this whole issue, the so-called alien abduction syndrome.
It first came to public awareness in the early 1970s
when stories began to surface of people being taken
onboard alien craft after being rendered passive.
Incredible stories were revealed
and the remarkable similarities
between the stories
is what has triggered the interest of researchers.
– My colleagues and I have heard directly
from thousands and thousands
and tens of thousands of people over the last 20 years,
about their abduction experiences.
And so we know that this is a very, very, very prevalent phenomenon
throughout, probably throughout the world.


Nou Paradigma (5/8)

divendres, 22/06/2018

– There were probably 1500 reported cases at that time.

– I have over 3,000 cases now.

– They estimated 100 yards from the left wing
was this 100 foot disk.

– And the strength of the signal was as strong as the surface contact on the water of an aircraft carrier.
This contact was huge!

– The size of these objects, around, 100 meters,
or greater.

– So it go from one o’clock, seven or eight miles to six, seven o’clock, seven or eight miles
inside of four or five seconds.
You have to be moving pretty quickly.

– They could rise, just go straight up.
They could do that, just seemed like instantaneous.

– Once they started movin’, they went straight up.
You know, for a while, and he went zap!

– Then it just sort of, disappeared, it dematerialized.

– And left the atmosphere, just was gone.
It just took off into space.

– He said you are never to speak of this again.
As far as you’re concerned, this never happened.

– You never saw this and I don’t exist and this situation never happened.

– I didn’t wanna look at it any longer that that.
Because I felt that my life was in jeopardy.

– I am prepared to state that I have been at locations where craft of unknown origin,
that did not originate on the face of this planet, was there.
I am prepared to state that while I was there, we saw living, dead
bodies of entities that were not born on this planet.
I am prepared to state that we had
what they referred to as interfacing with those entities.
We have contact with aliens,
not originating from some foreign country,
but from some other solar system.
And I have been a party to that.

– What some of these witnesses also revealed
were observations of UFOs hovering over storage sites of nuclear weapons
and nuclear rocket launch sites.

– The big increase in all the sightings around the world happened at the timme
when we began to detonate nuclear weapons.
This is not an accident.
And I’ve been told by senior intelligence officials
that essentially a big red flag went up over our planet
saying we were in trouble.
But not only are we in trouble, but we could be a threat to others,
because you combine
going into space, the early stages of space travel,
and the use of hydrogen bombs and nuclear weapons,
and a civilization on Earth that was still very violent,
as you look around the Earth even today, of course.
So this is something that any enlightened
or even self-interested civilization, observing the Earth,
which I think we’ve been under observation
for thousands of years,
would be greatly concerned.

– Over the last 35 years, I have talked to now over 100 people, about 115,
nuclear missile launch officers, targeting officers,
missile maintenance personnel, and missile guards.
And these individuals, for the most part,
do not know each other.
Some were in the Air Force in the 1960s.
Some were in the Air Force in the 1990s.
They were at different bases,
but they all have very, very similar stories.
And what they describe is
UFOs coming in very quickly at high rates of speed
and instantly stopping
and hovering either over the underground nuclear
missile launchers,
or what are called launch control facilities
that launch the missiles.
So after the missiles malfunction, the UFO leaves.
Now this has occurred at at least three Air Force bases that I’m aware
of in the United States.

– The event, the incident, I guess I call it,
happened on the morning
of March 16th, 1967.
As I recall, it was early in the morning.
I received a call from my topside security guard
and said, sir there’s
a glowing red object
hovering right outside the front gate.
He said, “I’m looking at it right now.
“It’s a glowing red object.
“I’ve got all the men out here with their weapons drawn.”
of course, he was all shook up
while he was telling me this.
He was very excited.
I immediately went
over to my commander, who was taking a nap,
we have a little cot down there,
in a rest period.
And I was telling him
about the telephone call,
we just received.
Then as I was relating this to him,
our missiles started shutting down one by one.
There were approximately
anywhere from six to eight that went down,
but they went down in rapid succession.
Which again, is extremely rare.
And in the meantime, I called upstairs
to find out what the status was,
of this object.
The guard said, well the object has left.
It just, just left at high speed.
(eerie horn music)
(man speaking in foreign language)

– Numerous well documented UFO sightings
by numerous credible people,
flying saucers tracked on radar
chased by fighter pilots,
nuclear missile sites malfunctioning after UFO visitations,
and even alien beings
witnessed by police officers
and high ranked military personnel.
Where does all this leave us?

– Four major conclusions,
after now 52 years, 51 years, of study and investigation.
First, the evidence is overwhelming that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled,
extraterrestrial spacecraft.
In other words, some UFOs,
some, underline it 20 times,
some UFOs are alien spacecraft.
Most are not.
I don’t care about the ones that aren’t.
I’m a nuclear physicist,
I don’t care about the isotopes that
aren’t fissionable.
Wanna build a reactor, use that one that is,
who cares about the rest?
That’s the first conclusion.
Second, the subject of flying saucers
represents a kind
of cosmic Watergate,
that is to say, some few people within major governments
have known since at least 1947,
when at least two crashed flying saucers were recovered with alien bodies in New Mexico.
That indeed, some UFOs
are alien spacecraft.
Notice I’m not saying everybody in government knows,
that’s not how you keep secrets.
I worked under security for 14 years.
Need to know is the important factor.
The third conclusion
is that none of the arguments made against the first two
by a small group of noisy negativists,
when I’m being polite,
stand up under careful scrutiny.
They sound great, until you look at the data
and then all those anti arguments collapse.
And the fourth conclusion,
’cause I’m such a shy, retiring kind of guy,
is that this is the biggest story of the millenium,
visits to planet Earth by alien spacecraft,
successful cover-up of the best data, bodies and wreckage,
for 62 years.

(eerie horn music)

– Extraterrestrial beings from somewhere
are engaging us and this planet,
and have been for, at least since the mid 20th century
and possibly for as many thousands of years back as you care to go.
That’s a fact, that’s an absolute certain fact.
It’s been proven many times over.
Since the 40s,
the governments of the world,
and certainly the United States government,
the main industrialized governments,
have been aware of this, right.
That’s a fact.
It’s been proven.
The United States, with the cooperation of most,
if not all of its allies
from World War II,
made a decision to embargo this fact
and the acknowledgment of it,
formal acknowledgment of it,
from its citizens.
That’s a fact, alright.
And what is happening
is that 62 years after that truth embargo
was formally and informally instigated,
that it’s now coming to an end.
And that we are soon going to be,
informed by these governments
that the ET presence is real.
And begin the process of learning about it
from the governments, right.
And from all of the citizen scientists and activists
who have been pursuing
it without the government’s support.
And that information will be
pushed forward and into the public domain.
That’s, in its simplest form, what’s going on.

– But why did the government
instigate a truth embargo
and how could the secrecy continue til this day?

– The concern in the Pentagon in the 1940s,
when suddenly you have these very strange objects
appearing that don’t
seem to be American
and don’t seem to be Russian,
if they are spaceships,
we might, if we tell the public about this
and be candid with them,
there could be massive panic.
The first chief of Project Blue Book,
Captain Edward Ruppelt,
when he left the Air Force
and wrote a book in 1956
about what the Pentagon knew,
he stated that in the directorate of intelligence
at the Pentagon, there was open discussion
and ongoing discussion about
we cannot tell the public the truth
because they will not handle the truth well.

– They also didn’t want to alarm the people
because their job is to defend the United States
and they couldn’t stop these UFOs.
They went with impunity anywhere they wanted to go.
So the military never wants to admit
that they couldn’t do anything about this,
because that would be to admit they were defenseless.

– If we have recovered a spacecraft in 1947 at Roswell,
that technology would be so
superior to human technology
that the Pentagon certainly would keep that a secret,
even from America’s allies in Europe,
to try to create our own UFOs.
So if a war with the Russians, the Soviets,
happened we would have the advantage
because of this superior technology.
That would be one reason for the secrecy.

– But they had a formidable problem.
Because while it’s easy to decide,
okay we’re not gonna talk about this,
we’re not gonna reveal this,
ETs are all over the place, they’re being seen,
filmed, photographed, seen by pilots outside a cockpits,
year after year after year.
At the same time, they’re trying to maintain a policy
that there’s nothing there to investigate.
So they had a really tough job.
It’s easy to say we’re gonna build a super bomber
and put everybody under oath
and classify the whole program and maybe even
stick it underground and build your secret bomber.
That’s easy, right?
But this was not easy.
The extraterrestrials can come and go as they pleased.
They could come and contact people as they pleased,
abduct them apparently,
if they wished to.
And the government has to somehow maintain
this false reality in the face of all that.
So the truth embargo was not just a simple decision
and extremely difficult to implement.
The amazing thing
is that they did.
They put an enormous amount
of money, time, and effort
into this truth embargo and succeeded.

(“Star Wars Theme” by John Williams)

– [Terje] From the 70s, Hollywood engaged profoundly
in the ET issue, knowing that
there was a growing interest
in the general public
for these topics.
The popular movies also had
the effect of making people
more familiar with the thought
of the widely inhabited universe
beyond our own planet system.
In the 90s people started
recording their observations
with the new handy camcorders.
Today thousands of UFO clips are posted on YouTube,
but unfortunately with the sophisticated animation tools
now available on home PCs,
it’s almost impossible to tell the real from the fake.
So this has made both video
and digital stills documentation
less reliable as evidence or proof of sightings.
But in spite of this growing interest in the subject,
the main news media have
left the UFO phenomenon
almost untouched.

– In terms of mainstream
news coverage,
this topic is not taken seriously.
It’s basically a non topic.
So how is that so?
Here’s how.
It requires an understanding of the relationship
between most the mainstream new media
and global intelligence communities.
So what that says, that doesn’t mean that the CIA
controlled everything.
But that, you have to understand the media acts
in certain choke points.
So for example, a UFO sighting might
get local news coverage,
but that doesn’t mean that it gets covered on the wire services.
That’s a very different situation altogether.
Skeptics will argue,
well this phenomenon
is so big, it would’ve been covered.
But really what that betrays is a lack of understanding
of how news media has been related
to intelligence communities around the world for decades.


Nou Paradigma (4/8)

dijous, 21/06/2018

– [Terje] But what about Russia and the former Soviet Union?

– Russian navy has not been known to reveal its secrets,
but Russian navy has been known to be in the forefront of the UFO and USO research.
And we have reports coming basically from all corners of the world.
Be it the south Georgia island, or the Bering Sea,
or for example, especially the Sea of Okhotsk,
and such lakes like the lake Baikal.
They had encountered,
not only gigantic underwater objects and submarines
who could move at incredible speeds,
and the Soviets just could not catch up with them.
They had also encountered disks that would basically
fly out from under the water, go into the sky, separate into different objects,
come back together, fly away.
They had encountered a phenomenon which was called (speaking foreign language)
from the Russian word (speaking foreign language) meaning to emit a sound
like frogs would do.
What it meant is that Soviet submarines, especially in the Atlantic area,
would find gigantic moving objects at great depths of the sea.
Objects that would emit certain sounds that kind of reminded them of croaking,
but you know they were different sounds.
They could do nothing about this,
but the Soviets became very nervous because these gigantic
objects would accompany them.
And of course, they though the Americans came up with a new way to
track Soviet submarines.
They found out this was not so.

(eerie music)

– At 2008 we received over 867 sighting reports
from 37 different cities in Turkey.
And out of those, 35% of them were documented.
15 to 20% of them were unidentified.

– [Terje] In Turkey, one of the most amazing recent cases
is from the town Combergas, an hour away from Istanbul,
where a security guard captured astonishing UFO footage
over a three months period in 2007.
The film clearly shows the outline
and the structure of the object
and also what seems to be the silhouette of two beings inside.
The film has been thoroughly checked by a governmental scientific institution.
– In the official report it says clearly that this is not a hoax at all.
This is not a computer animated hoax or a model or anything like that.
There is a physical object in the footages that we could not identify.
They categorize them as unidentified flying objects.

– [Terje] Astonishing video has also been released from Mexico.
Military gun camera shots of traveling UFOs hit the news in 2004.
And even more astonishing, fleets of UFOs were seen and filmed over several cities.
As a result of the rising national interest in the UFO issue in Mexico,
one of their main broadcasters has run a two and a half hour show
every Sunday night the past 15 years,
presenting the latest UFO documentation.

– I have a television program every Sunday night from 5:30 to 8:00.
It’s primetime in the Mexican television.
And we present the news around this phenomenon.
It means the most recent videos, the most recent photographs,
the most recent cases, the investigation behind that, the actuality.
Many people in the media and even the public have been brainwashed
by the scientists who don’t want to investigate this.
But there is enough evidence, scientifically, proof-based,
that can be investigated and presented to the scientists.
And they have to accept and agree that this phenomenon is real.
There is no question in my mind.
I’m a journalist, I’ve been a journalist for almost 40 years.
And I know because I’ve seen them, because I’ve seen creatures,
because I know it’s true!

(eerie horn music)

– Behind me here, inside this blue container, is the only stationary,
fully automatic, 24 hour UFO observatory on the planet.
In Norway, the remote mountain valley Hessdalen became world famous
after almost continuous observations from the early 80s on.
Strange lights moved up and down the mountainsides
every night, over long periods,
just above the treetops.
In contrast to many other countries, scientists arrived
and established a permanent UFO observatory.
– The light phenomena here in Hessdalen, Norway
started in late ’81, with a lot of sightings.
At the most it was 20 sightings a week.
The local people here started to see the light down in the valley,
sometimes close to their houses.
And they was wondering what could this be?
And some was a little bit afraid too,
because no one could give them any answer,
what could it be?

– [Terje] Radar and cameras were soon to pick up
astonishing pictures of the unexplained light phenomena.
This picture is taken with 1/160th of a second exposure.

– The phenomena behaves very different.
Some is moving very slowly and some lights can move very fast.
The fastest speed we have ever measured was 30,000 kilometers an hour.

– [Terje] But the local residents claim to have seen more than just lights.

(speaking foreign language)

– [Terje] The observatory shoots pictures automatically every minute
and puts them on the internet.
Many amazing shots have been captured.
After an automatic video recording system was put up,
one year of waiting passed
before the Hessdalen phenomenon is caught on camera.

(suspenseful music)

– [Terje] Zooming in and slowing down the film,
something really astonishing is revealed.
A smaller second light seems to appear from underneath,
joining the main light.
Is something collected by the lights?
Landings were also reported
and even solid proof was found of earth samples
being taken in the midst of nowhere.
Here, a two hour’s walk from the nearest dirt road,
a two ton piece of wet turf has been cut out with laser precision,
lifted and placed a few meters away.
No sign of machinery, nor people.

During a week in September 2007, a major survey was carried out
by the university scientists assisted by students
with several observation units.
On the fourth night of the survey,
the phenomenon decides to show up.

(people yelling excitedly)

(speaking foreign language)

(dramatic music)

– We had a big light that started out and moved very quickly north and south.
And gave us this very, very impressive picture,
which possibly is the best picture ever taken of the Hessdalen phenomena.
The exposure time, was 30 seconds,
so we see that the Hessdalen phenomena
moves from, starts up here,
and moves down and then goes up again here.
The distance here, it’s approximately,
maybe from 10 to 15 kilometers,
the distance that’s covered.
The camera has optical grating in front of the lens,
and this grating make this optical spectrum here.
The one thing that this, that surprises us with the spectrum is that it’s continuous.
The colors goes directly over in,
over in the other color here.
And we see no lines or dots here,
which will give us a signal that we have a gas that is burning.
This looks like optical spectrum from a solid object or from plasma
with high density.

– So it’s still too early to say for certain what the origin of these lights is,
and what these flying objects really are.
But one thing we can state as a fact,
the phenomenon is here and it’s real.

And what about the Eupen sightings in Belgium?
The Phoenix lights in Arizona.
The UFO at Osaka airport, Japan.
The UFO landing in Voronezh, Russia.
The ghost rockets in Sweden.
The Col de Vence sightings in France.
The UFOs filmed in Milan, Italy.
The UFO fleets over Peru.
The UFO hovering over Chicago O’Hare airport, seen by pilots and ground personnel.
And the large UFO forcing the Xiaoshan airport in China to close for four hours in 2010.
It goes on and on.

– Well, of course, at this late date there is just an abundance
of documentation, military reports, radar sightings,
personal experiences, that go back for many years.
But they have been routinely ignored, shun aside by the government,
ignored by the media,
and therefore the average person rarely gets to hear of these things.
But when you put ‘em together, it forms a very compelling picture
that there is a reality that’s happening all around us
that we are being systematically
denied information on.
I’ve had many people say, well look, if all this happened,
wouldn’t there have been military people and radar operators
and even policemen and stuff who would’ve said they had these experiences?
And the answer is, absolutely yes.
But early on, they learned their lesson.
If they stepped forward and they said, yes I saw these these things,
then they tend to lose their job, they lose their credibility, people begin to snicker at ‘em.
And that’s been very effective over the years in keepin’ this whole issue quiet.

– I know that if they took an oath not to reveal that,
in our country, that was very serious at that time.
If you violated a top-secret clearance, you could be put in jail for 15 or 20 years
and everything you have done removed from you.

– [Terje] Could this be why the military observations never reached the public?
But many who had been involved in UFO sightings over the years,
felt a strong urge to reveal what they knew
and to be relieved from the burden of carrying these secrets.
After 30 or 40 years, and having retired from service,
many were willing to break their oaths and speak publicly.

– They could stop on a dime.
They can take off at Mach 10 or greater.
It’s unbelievable what they can do!
So we need to know these things.
So the only reason I’m here is to tell you,
let’s disclose this whenever we can, please.

– [Man] Thank you.
(audience applauding)

– In 2001, the U.S. medical doctor Steven Greer
staged an initiative where several hundred witnesses
of high rank and high credibility,
came forward with what they had experienced during service.
The Disclosure Project, helped by the internet and YouTube,
was a formidable eye-opener to people all over the world.

– So we started a project that’s known as the Disclosure Project,
which people can see at,
where we began to identify military and corporate and CIA intelligence officers
who had personal knowledge of the classified operations dealing with this subject.
And to get them to come forward, with our information,
to disclose this publicly.
Because what we felt was necessary was that the secrecy should be ended
and this information disclosed so that humanity,
not just one country in America,
but all of humanity could make peaceful contact
with these civilizations visiting us,
but also would lay the foundation for these new technologies,
the energy and propulsion systems that are behind these UFOs
that are so mysterious.
How are they flying?
Well this is understood, but they are in classified projects.
So that was another objective, was to get the technologies out to the public
so we could have a civilization that would get freed from the use of oil
and the destruction of the environment.