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dimarts , 10/12/2019

Cette vidéo est un montage réalisé à partir de vidéos et de reportages d’ovnis mis en partage sur Youtube. Elle tend à montrer des activités extraterrestres à travers le monde en relation avec notre humanité.

Cosmic Watergate – TV Svizzera – Documentario completo

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José María Maza, astrónomo

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Profesor José M. Maza

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Cosmic Watergate – Televisione Svizzera – Nr.4 di 4

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Cosmic Watergate – Televisione Svizzera – Nr.3 di 4

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Cosmic Watergate – Televisione Svizzera – Nr.2 di 4

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Cosmic Watergate – Televisione Svizzera – Nr.1 di 4

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JIMMY GARCIA -Piloto Fuerza Aérea Peruana-

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Flight AF 3532

dimecres, 4/12/2019

Air France Flight AF 3532 (January 28,1994)

Jean-Charles Duboc (P), captain of Air France flight AF 3532, was assisted by Copilot Valerie Chauffour (CP) in making the Nice-London connection on January 28, 1994. At 1314 hours, while they were cruising at an altitude of 11,900 m in the vicinity of Coulommiers in Seine-et-Marne [Department] under excellent meteorological conditions, the chief steward, who was present in the cockpit at the time, pointed out a phenomenon that appeared to him to be a weather balloon. His sighting was immediately confirmed by the copilot. P, who in turn saw it, first thought that it was an aircraft banking at a 45° angle. Very quickly, however, all three agreed that what they were seeing did not resemble anything that they knew of.

The excellent visibility and the presence of altocumulus clouds permitted P to estimate that the phenomenon was at an altitude of 10,500 m and at a distance of approximately 50 km. Taking into account its apparent diameter, they deduced that the craft was large. They were struck by the changes in the shape of the craft, which first appeared in the form of a brown bell before transforming into a chestnut brown lens shape, then disappearing almost instantaneously on the left side of the aircraft, as if it had suddenly become invisible. P reported to the Reims Air Navigation Control Center, which had no information on any mobile air presence in the vicinity.

However, following the existing procedure, Reims informed the Taverny Air Defense Operations Center (CODA) of the sighting made by the crew and asked P to follow the “‘Airmiss” procedure upon landing.

CODA did in fact record a radar track initiated by the Cinq-Mars-la-Pile control center at the same time that corresponded in location and time to the phenomenon observed. This radar track, which was recorded for 50 seconds, did cross the trajectory of flight AF 3532 and did not correspond to any flight plan filed. It should be noted that the phenomenon disappeared from the view of the crew and the radar scopes at the same instant.

The investigations conducted by CODA enabled both the hypothesis of a weather balloon to be ruled out and the precise crossing distance of the two trajectories to be determined, consequently bringing the approximate length of the craft to 250 m in length.