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La tonteria… Gabilondo…

dilluns, 14/01/2019

Hay que ser escaso… lo ve, lo comenta con otros testigos, se lo confirma su majestad, la mismisima Reina, i diu que no s’ho creu!

Muy escaso el Peñafiel, realmente escaso!

Per a demostrar científicament la seva escassesa algú li hauria de preguntar si realment creu en la cabra de la legión o si el que desfila davant la llotja reial és que realment ho somniem.

The purpose of this site is to present to the public interesting information that has been released


La tonteria… a 8TV [está bonico, escarneix]

diumenge, 13/01/2019

Ell, el amigo, en canvi, “hauria pogut salvar Lorca”, diu. Diu i escriu! Quina “jeta” el paio (i la paia).

Amb l’ajut d’Icona? Ja, ja, ja… “Que hace este trasto?”

Sincerament, sens dubte que hi ha gent que té al·lucinacions; altres, a base de belladona probablement, que dic probablement, amb tota seguretat, quasi que salven a Lorca… quan millor els convé, sense saber ni on l’han enterrat!


La tonteria… a Cuatro TV

diumenge, 13/01/2019

La tonteria… a TVE-2002

dissabte, 12/01/2019

La tonteria… a TVE-2001

divendres, 11/01/2019

La tonteria… a TV3

dijous, 10/01/2019

The Disclosure Project

diumenge, 2/12/2018

Llista de testimonis:

Nick Pope: Ex-ministre de Defensa britànic
Dr. Roberto Pinotti: ufòleg itàlià.
Edgar Mitchell: astronauta.
Gordon Cooper: astronauta.
Monsenyor Corrado Balducci
Dr. Carol Rosin
Dan Willis: militar USA.
Lord Hill-Norton: almirall britànic.
Gordon Creighton: Funcionari d’Exteriors.
Dr. Robert Wood: enginyer.
Dr. Alfred Webre: antic analista del Stanford Research Institute.
Denise McKenzie: antic empleat del SAIC.
Colonel Phillip J. Corso: militar USA. (retirat)
Colonel Ross Dedrickson: militar USA. (retirat)
Teniente Walter Haut: militar USA.
Dr. Hal Puthoff
Dr. Eugene Mallove:  science writer
John Callahan: senior FAA official
Larry Warren, militar britànic.
Major George A. Filer III militar USA. (retirat)
John MaynardDefense Intelligence Agency (retirat)
Captain Robert Salas: militar USA.
Don Phillips: enginyer.
Lt. Col. Charles Brown: militar USA.
Mark McCandlish: artista conceptual.
James Kopf: criptògraf.
Major-General Vasily Alexeyev: militar rus.

La reproducció d’aquest material es fa amb propòsit educatiu, d’anàlisi o de crítica i comentari, segons la Clàusula d’Ús Just continguda en l’Acta dels Drets de Reproducció i Còpia de 1976.

Nou Paradigma (8/8)

dilluns, 25/06/2018


— [Terje] Are we part of a silent universal interaction
that has been going on for eons?
Could there be something in the human genes
that carries the echos of alien ancestors?
Is this why we seemingly are being monitored like children in a playground?
Is this why the UFO activity escalated after the first atomic bomb?
Do we as a species represent a value beyond our wildest imagination?
And when are we ready to be informed?

— The disclosure is going to happen very soon.
Now there are very potential positive implications of that
and then there also is a dark downside to that
if it’s not handled with wisdom.
One concern I have is that  there must be great discernment exercised
not just by the leadership of our governments,
but also among the population in general,
when suddenly our society is confronted
with the fact that there are advanced cultures here
and what the implications are for our interaction.
And even if those who
appear in our midst
have only benevolent intentions,
and truly want only to uplift humanity
and assist us at this very crucial time in our planet’s history,
there will be the temptation
for those who are already in the material seats of power
in human institutions on this planet,
who will likely try
to distort this opportunity
to enhance and entrench their own control and material power.
And all that is, it’s a continued extension of the same ego disease
of the separation mentality
that has plagued humanity ever since we learned how to say hello to each other.
So we have to call for great discernment
and that means that people need to become educated.
We need to understand that our source is the same.

— Erwin Schrodinger, who was the father of quantum mechanics and particle wave theory,
stated 100 years ago or so,
that the total number of minds in the universe is one.
And in fact, the consciousness is a singularity,
phasing within all beings.
And this is also the heart of compassion of the Buddha,
and the source of the oneness spoken of in spirit in all the religious traditions.
And Native American traditions.
And I think that we are going to have to return to a very deep
spiritual understanding of what it means to be a conscious being,
to be able to not only live on this planet peacefully,
and not blow each other up over sectarian differences,
but also to go into space.
Because when you look into the eyes of an extraterrestrial life form,
they may be very different from us in many ways,
but if you see that that being is conscious
and the light of that conscious spirit is the same as the conscious light within yourself,
then you can find some common basis.
And so, if we understand the single source of the origins of our conscious being,
this is true not only for humans,
but it’s also true, very much true for these visitors.
They understand that.
Because you cannot travel at multiples of the speed of light
without crossing the light barrier
and when you do, you enter into this area
that the mystics used to call the etheric astral conscious realm.
And so you’re dealing with civilizations who understand that.
And I think that is the big test of our civilization at this time,
is that we understand that deeply enough
that it really does change our paradigm.
And when we do, we’re not gonna be blowing each other up
because of different interpretations of this Bible or this Koran or this
religious figure, or what have you.
We’re gonna understand that we really are all one people in the entire cosmos.
That universal consciousness and universal understanding,
to me, is the thing that will truly transform life on this planet
and is the next big leap in human development.

(dramatic piano music)

— [Terje] When the children of tomorrow
open their textbooks on human history,
what will they read about?
Will it be the story of how the Catholic Church
imprisoned Galileo for supporting radical theories?
Will it be the story of how the scientific communtiy
laughed at the idea of flying machines
even years after the Wright brothers
demonstrated their first airplane?
Or will it be the story of how the world openly ignored an extraterrestrial presence?
Will the children of tomorrow laugh at us for being blind
just as we easily laugh at those who firmly believed the earth was flat?
Will they speak of us as the people of the old world?
The last age of solitude?
The day before disclosure?

(dramatic piano music)

In an age of decadence
We seek religious evidence,
Chained to what our fear allows
Cannot see the sky for clouds
in silence
Impatience evolves

(dramatic piano music)

Our most important point in time
But the comfort of this paradigm
concerns me
So separated from our own
I don’t care to whom you pray
As long as you leave me alone
I can’t stand this indifference anymore
I’m standing where the storm
crashes in
From its home across the sea
In the rain prayin’ for
The eclipse of you and me
But the nations are blind
To these visions of mine
So I’ll wait til the stars
I’ll have to wait til the stars
I’ll wait til the stars

(dramatic piano music)
(dramatic orchestra music)

(wind whirring)
(dramatic orchestra music)
(loud breathing)

– [Man] Houston, this is Discovery.
We still have the alien spacecraft (mumbles)
(dramatic orchestra music)
(electronic beeping)
(rockets blasting)
(electronic buzzing)
(engines droning)
(electronic buzzing)
(dramatic orchestra music)
(electronic buzzing)

Témoignage de Budd Hopkins

dilluns, 1/01/2018

Hopkins va ser el primer a descobrir per primera vegada un microimplant en l’interior del cervell d’un abduït.

Budd was not really the first one to investigate or publish abduction cases—the Lorenzens and others associated with the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, APRO, had been doing this for a number of years, and high profile cases like those of Betty and Barney Hill, Charlie Hickson, and Travis Walton had all received considerable media attention. But until Budd came into the field, abductions were considered extremely rare experiences and no one was searching for wider patterns. Budd devoted a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to look precisely for these patterns, which he later pursued through his Intruders Foundations created in 1989. He also became the chief spokesman for the reality of alien abductions, bringing the message that these experiences were real and important through his books, articles, numerous lectures and media appearances. He was also the mentor of Dr. John Mack, the prominent Harvard University psychiatrist and Pulitzer Price winner, who brought this subject closer to the mainstream. Not everybody agreed of course with Budd’s conclusions or his methodology and he had many critics, but his contribution to the field is absolutely beyond dispute. He did more than probably anybody else to bring the complex issue of alien abductions into the forefront and he will be missed by all those interested in that subject.

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The best evidence ever

divendres, 22/12/2017