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Disinformation /Hoaxes (2)

dimecres, 13/03/2019

UFO Disinformation/Hoaxes

Bob Lazar 1989-1991 First “engineer whistleblower” to work on Area 51 saucers.
Alien Autopsy Hoax 92/97 First elaborate hoax involving alien bodies. Possible connection to British intelligence.
AF Roswell Response 94/97 First elaborate response to allegations of UFO crash and alien bodies.
Wood’s MJ-12 Docs 199? First extremely elaborate government insider, official UFO documents disinformation/hoax(?).
CARET/Drone 2007 Elaborate Internet hoax involving CGI photos, multiple “witnesses,” and faked, secret government documents. Possibly corporate ad hoax.
Project Serpo 2004-2006 Possible government disinformation program to coverup a UAV project.
Project Camelot 2007 Unvetted government “whistleblower” testimony.


La tonteria… Gabilondo…

dilluns, 14/01/2019

Hay que ser escaso… lo ve, lo comenta con otros testigos, se lo confirma su majestad, la mismisima Reina, i diu que no s’ho creu!

Muy escaso el Peñafiel, realmente escaso!

Per a demostrar científicament la seva escassesa algú li hauria de preguntar si realment creu en la cabra de la legión o si el que desfila davant la llotja reial és que realment ho somniem.

The purpose of this site is to present to the public interesting information that has been released


La tonteria… a 8TV [está bonico, escarneix]

diumenge, 13/01/2019

Ell, el amigo, en canvi, “hauria pogut salvar Lorca”, diu. Diu i escriu! Quina “jeta” el paio (i la paia).

Amb l’ajut d’Icona? Ja, ja, ja… “Que hace este trasto?”

Sincerament, sens dubte que hi ha gent que té al·lucinacions; altres, a base de belladona probablement, que dic probablement, amb tota seguretat, quasi que salven a Lorca… quan millor els convé, sense saber ni on l’han enterrat!


La tonteria… a Cuatro TV

diumenge, 13/01/2019

La tonteria… a TVE-2002

dissabte, 12/01/2019

La tonteria… a TVE-2001

divendres, 11/01/2019

La tonteria… a TVE, 1971

divendres, 11/01/2019

En Buena Hora, TVE-1991

dimarts , 8/01/2019

Programa presentado por Joaquín Arozamena.
Fecha de emisión: 02-01-91. 

Intervinieron LUIS JOSÉ GRIFOL (contactado), LICERIO MORENO (contactado) y VICENTE-JUAN BALLESTER OLMOS (ufólogo).

El enfoque de Ballester Olmos difiere del defendido por Grífol y Moreno.


The purpose of this site is to present to the public information that has been released

Ockels: “We all are astronauts”

dissabte, 29/12/2018

Protecting our earth has become a bigger necessity and space travel has given us a better perspective: we are where we are: on a great planet, one which we cannot live without. Ockels put it very nicely: We all are astronauts of spaceship earth. He considers our will as key, that the belief in humanity will give us the will and this new religion will help us to express it. He would like to see this religion taking form: in symbols, rituals and art which expresses our faith in humanity. Especially the youth should be targeted, they are after all the future. They should be able to enjoy nature and earth. Their idols could be their role models. Festivals and artists could deliver the message and convey the right words which can touch the hearts of the youth. Ockels ended his open letter by saying that we all should help each other to shape this religion and to express our belief in a sustainable humanity.

Ockels said he had a great life, now it is up to us to ponder and ‘listen’ to what he had to say and live up to his dreams. On his tombstone he wanted people to read “My time is standing still.” Let’s all stand still in our thoughts for our visionary astronaut.



The Ockels commandments -of the Happy Energy believe in Humanity-:

1. Humanity is inseparable
2. Humanity’s goal is to survive
3. Humanity needs the Earth and Nature
4. Our goal is to support Humanity and thus the Earth and Nature
5. We need to respect anyone who exercises that goal
6. Everybody is connected with anybody via Humanity
7. Everyone is connected with Nature and the Earth
8. We are all Astronauts of Space Ship Earth
9. Those who disrespect others, will disrespect Humanity
10. Humanity, Nature and the Earth are inseparable

The Illusion of Time

dissabte, 29/12/2018

Professor Wubbo J. Ockels, sliced through the atmosphere of self-congratulation to give a mind-bending talk, based on his experiences in space. He started by berating the audience for pretending to understand the universe and mysteriously declaring:

 “I know what it is that you don’t know yet and it will change your life”. What we didn’t know, and were told, was that time is a creation of life, since it’s the only way our brains can make sense of gravity. This can be pithily put in the very post-Cartesian phrase: “I live, therefore time passes”. Such a view isn’t a new notion philosophically (Heidegger suggested being and time determine each other reciprocally), nor physiologically (which acknowledges time is a construct of the central nervous system) but it was not treated with seriousness in physics.”

Dr Wubbo Johannes Ockels (28 March 1946 – 18 May 2014) was a Dutch physicist and an astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA).


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