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Publicat a l’Ara Kids el diumenge 24 de juny del 2012

Vocabulari: IT’S ALWAYS UP TO ME: sempre em toca a mi / MANAGES: s’ho fa / TASTY: gustoses

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  • Rose

    12/08/2012 7:33

    AWWW my wee little Marti-kins can i have yu numba? Can I? Can i habe eet can I? Work that up do LOL Love laguhing with you and your mommy who i consider my sister by another mother so that makes me your AUNTIE! or God Mother let me make you an offer you canna refuse Happy Birthday Marti may you start this new stage of adulthood knowing you are loved by many but adored by all who get to know the great young woman you are .Also Happy Birthday to you Tamara You are the light that shined knowledge, love, wisdom & more importantly shined devotion in raising your young woman into a beautiful Swan .Love you!The best aunt ever,[wink]elena



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